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What is the main risk in antibiotic therapy?
May lead to serious infections caused by drug resistant microbes
What are the classifications of bacteria?
-gram stain (+) or (-)
-Shape (cocci, bacilli)
What is nosocomial infection?
hospital acquired infection
Does does entercocci bacteria cause?
-S/S- fever, murmurs, enlarged spleen, anemia
How does antibiotic resistant bacteria occur?
-widespread use of broad spectrum antibiotics
-interrupted/inadequate treatment
-condition of host
-Location in hosp (ICU, Oncology)
How does bacteria change to resist antibiotics?
-Produce enzymes to inactivate ATB
-genetic mutations of bacteria
-Change cell wall
-Change metabolic activity
Drug of choice to treat antibiotic resistant staph, strep, and enterococci?
What is the difference between bactericidal and bacteriostatic?
-Cidal=kills organism
-Static=inhibits growth of organism
Whats the difference between an (1) anti-infective/antimicrobial agent and a (2) antibacterial agent?
1=used as a antiviral/antifungus
2=used on bacterial infections
What would you use on recurrent UTI's?
What is one medical condition that your dentist should know about before performing any dental work?
Bacterial Endocarditis
What is the treatment regimen for pt's with a positive TB test?
INH for 6 months
What are some conditions that PCN would be used for?
-Group A strep
-Rheumatic fever/heart disease
What is done to determine what medication to give a pt who is infected?
-What body tissue is infected
-Location that pt is in the hospital
What does the nurse have to asses for in women when giving ATB?
Monilial Vaginitis (overgrowth of yeast)
How do Beta-lactam antibacterials work?
Inhibit synthesis of bacterial cell walls
What drugs fall under beta-lactams?
What is the prototype of PCN?
Where is PCN most effective in killing?
-Gram (+)
-Resp., GI, and GU inf.
What electrolyte must you monitor for since it is part of the injection?
What type of PCN is used to treat syphilis?
PCN G (Bicillin)
What are aminopenicillins? What is the prototype?
-Broad sectrum, semi-synthetic
What are some extended spectrum penicillins?
-effective against gram (-) org., e. coli
What are some PCN/beta-lactam inhibitor combinations?
-Need both drugs to work effectively
Indications for cephalosporin treatment?
-Resp. inf.
-Soft tissue inf.
-Bones/joint inf.
-Blood inf.
What are carbapenems used for?
-Intra-ABD inf.
What are some foods that are contraindicated to take with PCN?
-PCN destroyed by acids (HCL)