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Combo anacid drug used to neutralize acid and pain for acute heartburn.

Mg2+/Al 3+ Combo

*Aluminimum = constipating effect (minimum amount of poo)

*Mg2+ counteracts Al w/ diarrhea effect ("Mg" for Must Go to bathroom!)

Class of drugs that reversibly block receptors to prevent rise in cAMP that normally stimulates H+/K+ ATPase and thus decreases acid secretion to treat ulcers

H2 (selective histamine) Blockers

*All end in "-dine" (before you dine, reserve a table for 2)

*heal 90% of ulcers

*best if taken 1 hr before meal

H2 blocker that inhibits P-450 and thus has many drug-drug interactions, has anti-androgenic effects, and may cross the BBB.


Class of drugs that are the trx-of-choice for ulcers that irreversibly inhibit the H+/K+ ATPase on parietal cells.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI's)

*All end in "-prazole"

*Decrease absorption of Ca2+, Mg2+, B12

*Cause increase in gastric pH w/ chronic use leading to increased risk for infections

PGE1 analog used to treat ulcers by both increasing mucus/HCO3- production and preventing rise in cAMP in parietal cell to decrease acid production.


*Also used to induce labor and thus is contraindicated in pregnant

Al 3+ salt that binds to ulcers to physically protect the ulcer and thus promote healing

Sucralfate, Bismuth

What is the treatment for H. pylori eradication?

"Triple Therapy" = PPI + 2 ABX w/ differing MOA's to prevent resistance

What is the Trx-of-Choice for GERD?

PPI ("-prazole")

Dopa2 Antagonist used to trx GERD and gastroparesis. Inhibition of Dopa causes an increase in Ach that increases LES tone and speeds gastric emptying.

*Also works at chemo-trigger zone to decrease N/V that complicates gastroparesis


*Causes Basal Ganglia/Parkinsonian symptoms with long-term use

2 different drugs that increase Ach release on gastric smooth mm to increase motility for acute gastric paralysis due to rapid development of tolerance.

*Cisopride (5-HT4 agonist)

*Erythromyocin (motilin receptor agonist)

Low-doses can be used to trx diarrhea while high-doses can be used as analgesic


(Codeine, Morphine, Loperamide, Diphenoxylate)

OTC Opoid agonist used to trx diarrhea because it cannot cross BBB and thus has little abuse potential

Loperamide (imodium)

Opoid agonist combined w/ Atropine (anti-muscarinic added to decrease abuse potential) used to trx diarrhea


Analgesic that is an opoid agonist in CNS, but an opoid antagonist in periphery to decrease constipation side effect


5-HT3 Antagonist that decreases vagal stimulation at stomach/SI and acts at chemo-trigger zone to decrease N/V after surgery and chemo

Ondansetron (all end in "-setron")

Somatostatin analog Rx to treat acute variceal bleeds and unressectable carcinoid tumors


H1 and Muscarinic blocker that works in cerebellum and inner ear to treat motion sickness

Scopolamine (used by Navy)

Diphenylhydramine (Benadryl)

Neurokinin Antagonist that works at Chemo-trigger zone to trx delayed N/V of chemo and post-op.


Monoclonal TNF-alpha blocker to trx severe Crohns and Ulcerative colitis with strictures or fistulas


Cannaboid agonists (CB1) that works at chemo-trigger zone to increase appetite and decrease N/V induced by chemo.


*dose is dependent on pt's metabolism

Work at higher brain centers to inhibit memory/anticipation of N/V before chemo is initiated.

Benzodiazapines (end in "-azopam")

Used in chemo-regime along with anti-emetics to elevate mood.

Long-Acting glucocorticoids (dexameth., Methylprednisilone)

Biologics for the trx of Stage 4 (metastatic) colorectal cancer:

__1__ = Ab against VEGF ligand

__2__ = Ab that is a VEGF trapper

__3__ = Ab against EGFR1 that won't work in pts w/ constitutive mutation in KRAS/NRAS

__4__ = Multiple kinase inhibitor

1) Bevacizumab

2) Aflibercept

3) Cetuximab

4) Regorafenib

Biologic chemo agent used to treat Her-2-Neu + esophageal/gastric carcinoma to improve survival by 2 mths


Biologic for c-KITT+ Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST)


Sympathomimetic that increases NE and Dopa at hypothalamus to increase satiety and decrease appetite

*Trx obesity short-term


Lipase inhibitor that inhibits fat absorptions to trx obesity but has the SE of fatty stools and fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies


Selective 5-HT-2c Agonist that stimulates POMC to cause an increased release of alpha-MSH to decrease Food Intake.

SE: headache, dizzy, fatigue

Lorcaserin (Belviq)

Escalating dose Combo drug for trx of obesity that increases NE & Dopa to increase satiety and decrease appetitite in trx of obesity

SE: paresthesia, dry mouth, constipation

Phentermine/Topiramate (Qsymia)

Combo of an opiate antagonist and anti-depressant used in an escalating dose for trx of of obesity

SE: increase suicide risk

Naltrexone/Buproprion (Contrave)