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Two period 3 oxides are insoluble:

Al2O3 & SiO2

The ionic molecules of Na2O & MgO:

Dissolve in water to form basic solutions. (NaOH & Mg(OH)2)

The simple molecular structures of P4O10 & SO2:

Dissolve in water to form acidic solutions. (H3PO4 & H2SO3)

The trend for the pH's is:

Alkaline Oxides Acidic Oxides

All the oxides can take part in:

Acid-Base reactions.

The basic oxides of Na2O & MgO:

Will neutralise acids.

The acidic oxides of P4O10 & SO2:

Will neutralise bases.

SiO2 although insoluble in water:

Can react with and neutralise bases which makes it acidic.

Al2O3 although insoluble in water:

1) Can react with?

2) This makes it?

1) It can react with and neutralise both acids and bases.

2) This makes it an amphoteric oxide.