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Cognitive Impairment is formerly referred to as __________
Mental retardation
What are the four categories of Cognitive Impairment?
Mild: IQ of 50 or 55 to 70 (Educable)

Moderate: IQ of 35 or 40 to 50 or 55 (Trainable)

Severe: IQ of 20 or 25 to 35 or 40

Profound: IQ below 20 to 25
Nursing interventions for children w/ cognitive impairment
Interventions focused on promoting optimal development and providing the family with support, education, and referrals.

Parents should be encouraged to enroll the child in an early intervention program.

Each task that is taught should be broken into small, specific steps.
o Parents should be encouraged to emphasize the normal needs of all children: love, social interaction, and play
Disorder that is attributed to an extra chromosome on the 21st pair
Down Syndrome
Many children with down syndrome have __________ _________ _________, which are the chief cause of death
Congenital heart defects
What are the s/sx of Down Syndrome?
Small, rounded skull w/ a flat occiput
Upward-slanting eyes
Broad, flat nose
Protruding tongue
Short, thick neck
Hypotonic extremities
Mottled skin
Low-set ears
Simian crease on the palmar side of the hand
Nursing intervention for parents of a child w/ down syndrome
Parents should be encouraged to emphasized the normal needs of all children - love, social interaction, & play
What are the two types of child maltreatment?
Child neglect

Child abuse

A child admitted to the emergency room because of a fracture. While examining the child, the nurse suspect child abuse

Question: How can the nurse validate the abuse?
Child abuse is validated when there is an inconsistency w/ the parent’s explanation of how the injury was incurred
Nursing intervention for parents suspected of child abuse
If the child requires hospitalization as a result of the abuse, it is important for the nurse to maintain a non-judgmental attitude toward the parents
Nursing intervention on school avoidance
Parents are told to be firm in the morning if their child is refusing to go to school
Nursing intervention for parents of a child w/ ADHD
It is important to allay any inappropriate feelings of guilt or responsibility the parents may have
Further teaching is needed if parents verbalized that RITALIN will be given at bedtime because one side effect of this medication is __________
_____% of adolescence suffers from depression
Nursing intervention for children suffering from depression
Establish a trusting relationship with the child
The 3rd leading cause of death among 15-19 y/o in the US
What are the female methods in suicide attempts?
Medicine ingestion

Carbon Monoxide poisoning
What are the male methods in suicide attempts?


Wrist slashing
Nursing intervention for adolescents attempting suicide
If a nurse has any concerns, he/she should be direct on asking questions