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F/A-18 Lenght
F/A-18 Height
F/A-18 Wingspan
44.9 FT
F/A-18 Speed
Mach 1.8+
How long do turn arounds take and how long are they good for?
Takes 30 mins and are good for 24 hrs
How long do dailys take and how long are they good for?
Dailys take 1 hr and are good for 72 hrs
Tire pressures on the beach
Mains- 290PSI +/-5
Nose- 150PSI +/- 5
Tire pressure on the boat
Mains- 350 psi
nose 375 psi
How many Delta P's are there
17- only 16 you can see

3 R/L main
1 54 R/L
1 65 R/L
2 69 R/L
2 Door 52 APU
What are the fuel loads?
Bare jet 13.8
Centerline only-17.0
Double Ugly- 20.2
3 Wet- 22.2
5 Wet- 28.6
Jet grounding points
1 in door 8
1 in nose
2 in right main
2 in left main
1 in door 26
1 in the tail
Jet tie down requrements
Ashore: regular 3, moderate 6, heavy 12

afloat: regular 6, moderate, 12, heavy 20+, Elevators 9
Tie down points
2 in nose
1 in port wing
1 in starboard wing
3 in port main
3 in sb main
1 infront of tail hook
1 in door 16
Towing break pressure
2900 PSI
What is a condition inspectoin?
When something happens to the jet. unscheduled maintenance
What is a speical inspection
7 or 14 day inspecation or scheduled maintenance
What is a phase imspection
performed maintenace every 200 flight hours.
How is a wash job done?
Bottom to top inboard to outboard
When must servicing be done
within 1 hr after shutdown, 30 mins for amad
What do the cockpit switches need to be set to?