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Which Region? Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
New England
Which Region? Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware
Middle Colonies
Which Region? Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Southern Colonies
Which southern colony was founded for religious freedom for which religion by Lord Baltimore?
Maryland, Catholics
Who founded Georgia and why?
James Oglethorpe; wanted to create a home for debters in England
What jobs were availble in New England?
Lumbering, fishing, whaling, shipbuilding, artisans (craftsmen) and some farming (soil was rocky)
What jobs were available in the Middle colonies?
Farming, peddlers, merchants, trading, and artisans (craftsmen)
What jobs were available in the Southern Colonies?
Tobacco plantations, and artisans (craftsmen)
One job needed much labor from slaves and indentured servants. Slavery was a very big dependency because of the large amount of this job.
What kind of environment was found in the Southern Colonies?
Many forests, good farmland, some swampy areas, Appalachian Mountains, and slow-moving rivers
What kind of environment was found in New England?
Forests, rocky soil, and excellent harbors and water sources
What kind of environment was in the Middle Colonies?
Good harbors, forests, hills, large fields, and good farmland
Which colony had hot, humid summers and mild winters?
Southern colonies
Which colony had moderate summers, was fairly humid, and had cold winters?
New England
Which colony had moderate summers, cold winters, and plenty of rain?
Middle Colonies
What kind of government was in the Middle Colonies?
Markets were usually the center of government
Each county had a representative assembly
What was the government like in the Southern Colonies?
Country seats were the center of local government in this region
What was the government like in New England?
Town meetings where people made laws for themselves
What kind of colony was Maryland?
Proprietary Colony
What kind of colony was Georgia?
Royal Colony
Who founded Pennsylvania, what kind of colony was it, and why was it founded?
William Penn
Proprietary colony
Founded for religious freedom for Quakers
Who founded Massachusetts, what kind of colony was it, and why was it founded?
Royal Colony
Founded for religious freedom
Who was second in command at the Roanoke colony?
John White
Who is this?
Lived mostly in the south
relied on slaves or indentured servants for labor
were educated in some cases
had a rich social culture
Large Landowners-Plantation owner
Who is this?
Worked the land according to the region
Relied on family members for labor
Who is this?
Worked as craftsmen in town and on plantations
Lived in small villages and cities
Who is this?
Worked as caretakers, houseworkers, and homemakers
Could not vote
Had few chances for education
Who is this?
Men and women who did not have money for passage to the colonies and who agreed to work without pay for the person who paid their passage
Were free at the end of their contract
Indentured servants
Who is this?
Were captured in Africa and sold to slave traders, then they were shipped to the colonies where they were sold into slavery
Were owned as property for life with no rights
Were often born into slavery (children of slaves were born into slavery)
Who was the artist who went to the Roanoke colony?
John White
Who saved Jamestown by trading with the Indians for food and by saying that settlers must work if they want to eat?
John Smith
Who brought tobacco to Jamestown and married Pocahontas?
John Rolfe
Who was the governor of Plymouth?
William Bradford