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What is parfocal?

Microscopes are parfocal- when you focus with one lens then change lenses, the object should still be in focus

When looking at unstained preparations, keep the condenser _____ (up/down).


When looking at stained slides, keep the condenser _____ (up/down).


What are the four stages of life cycle for ticks and lice?

1. egg

2. larva

3. nymph

4. adult

Nymph and adult ticks and lice have ___ legs, while larva have ___ legs.

1. 8

2. 6

Amblyomma americanum is known as _____

The Lone Star Tick

Which species of ticks had very long mouth parts that make their bites painful and susceptible to secondary infection?

Amblyomma americanum

Where is the Amblyomma species most often found?

Southern states east of the Rocky Mountains, currently expanded northward

Which species of tick is known as the American Dog Tick?

Dermacentor variabilis

Where is Dermacentor variabilis found?

US, Mexico, Canada

Dermacentor variabilis is a ___ host tick

three host tick

Which tick is commonly called the Winter Tick?

Dermacentor albipictus

Which animal population is Dermancentor albipictus currently causing problems with?


Which genus of tick is most identifiable by their anal groove?


Which species of tick is known as the Deer Tick?

Ixodes scapularis

Ixodes scapularis is notorious as a vector of what?

Lyme disease

Which species of tick is known as the Brown Dog Tick?

Rhipicephalus sanguineus

What are the three identifying parts of fleas?

1. wingless

2. laterally compressed bodies

3. usually dark colored

What structures do flea larva have that make them identifiable from maggots?

Anal struts

How are lice distinguished from fleas?

They have a dorsally flattened body

Which two groups are lice divided into?

1. Sucking lice (Anoplura)

2. Biting lice (Mallophaga)

All species of human lice are _______

sucking lice

How do you distinguish a biting louse from a sucking louse?

A biting louse has a head that is wider than its thorax. A sucking louse has a head that is narrower than its thorax.

Flies have a life cycle involving ________.

complete metemorphasis

What do mosquitoes use to pierce the skin and suck blood?

a proboscus

What is the genus name of midges/no-see-ums?


What is the family name for black flies?


What is distinguishable about black flies?

their humpbacked appearance

Which species of fly is known as the stable fly?

Stomoxys calcitrans

Male horse flies are ____, while female horse flies are _____.

1. holoptic (eyes not separated medially)

2. dichotic (eyes separated)

Fly strike is known as

cutaneous myiasis; caused by maggots laid in a live animals

What is the spiracle and how are they used by forensic scientists?

1. Breathing hole at the posterior end of the fly

2. Used to determine how long as body has been dead