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audio audire audivi auditus
hear, hear of, listen to (audit)
cupio cupere cupivi cupitus
desire (cupidity)
genus generis, n.
race, kind (generate)
interficio interficere interfeci interfectus
pervenio pervenire perveni perventurus
arrive, arive at (with ad)
pono ponere posui positus
place, put (position)
castra ponere
pitch camp (idiom)
pons, pontis, m.
bridge (pontoon)
rapio rapere, rapui, raptus
seize and carry off, snatch, seize (rapt)
scio scire scivi scitus
know, know how (science)
sentio sentire sensi sensus
feel, perceive (sense)
venio venire veni venturus
come (venture)
vinco vincere vici victus
conquer (victor)