Technical Workstream

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In this writing assignment I will explore different technology terms and their meaning. In technology the wide variety of terms can become confusing causing them term to be misused or avoided because of the unknown. I hope to give people a better understanding of these terms so they know what the mean and can use them properly and not avoid them.
Technical workstream lead is relatively new to the tech landscape and so people are hesitant to use it. Technical workstream leads need to be divers and able to handle many different tasks. There are numerous ways to use the term workstream in a company since it is not fully defined word yet. Technical workstream leads need to be divers and able to handle many different tasks. There is beginning to
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The person that they hire for the will provide leadership for a SAP data archiving team. They will be responsible for managing all aspects of managing the team. They will help to create SAP data archiving modules and tools and ensure that the products and components work together to meet objectives. They should be able to provide ground leave leadership. This small sample of the job description shows just how divers a technical workstream lead needs to be. The terms science and technology have their differences and similarities but in the end you cannot have one without the other. The term science comes from the Latin word scientia meaning knowledge. The goal of science is to use the scientific method to develop new bodies of knowledge. In science they theorize about what is causing something to happen then try to prove their theory. Use good data and theories to come to an accurate answer. The object of science is to better understand what occurs in …show more content…
Technology road maps are broken up into 3 different phases. Phase one is preliminary activity; phase two is development of the technology roadmap, and finally follow-up activity. In the first phase you need to determine the conditions, have strong leadership, and provide boundaries of the roadmap. This phase determines that there is a problem and that a tech roadmap can help. In phase two you choose the product that will benefit from the road map, recognize what the system necessity are, choose the tech areas, identify the tech objectives, understand the tech substitutes and their timelines they are on, and develop the tech roadmap report. In this steep you are essentially gathering all the information you are going to need to make a technology roadmap successful. In phase 3 you will review you tech roadmap and develop a plan to implement it.
I hope that I gave people a better understanding of these terms and how to use them. Workstream is a new term and companies are still trying to find the best use for it. Science and technology have many differences but in the end they are inseparable. Many have started to use invention and innovation interchangeably when they have to comply different meanings. A tech roadmap is a good way to set you goals. These terms are only a small section of tech terms that are out there that are avoided or misused. More work needs to be done so that people use

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