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confirmo confirmare confirmavi confirmatus
make firm, strengthen, establish (confirm)
contendo contendere contendi, -
struggle, hasten, fight (contend)
deligo deligere delegi delectus
choose, select
divido dividere divisi divisus
divide (division)
gero gerere gessi gestus
bear, carry, wear (digest)
bellum gerere
wage war (idiom)
mensis mensis, m.
neque (nec)
and . . . not, nor, neither (conj)
neque . . . neque
neither . . .. nor
nomino nominare nominavi nominatus
name, call (nominate)
pello pellere pepuli pulsus
strike, drive out (pulse)
rego regere rexi rectus
guide, rule (regulate)
scribo scribere scripsi scriptus
write (scribe)
statuo statuere statui statutus
place, establish, determine (statute)