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What is success?
Success is staying on course to your desired outcomes and experiences.
What is the main ingredient in success?
Wise choices.
What are the 3 principles of deep and lasting learning?
Prior Learning - The contribution of past learning to new learning.

Quality of processing - Using deep processing learning strategies.

Quantity of processing - Distributed and frequent practicing of the deep processing strategies.
What is the CORE learning system?
Collect information through reading and attending class.
Organize it in a way that makes sense to you.
Rehearse it (practice it).
Evaluate it (get feedback).
What are some wise choices in college?
Read your college catalogue.
See your advisor.
Attend the first day of class on time.
Sit where you can focus on learning.
Complete your general requirements.
What's personal responsibility?
Personal responsibility is responding wisely to life's opportunities and challenges.
What is ADPIE?
Asses - What's my present situation?
Diagnose - How would I like it to be?
Plan - What are my possible choices?
Implement - What's the likely outcome of each choice?
How do you dispute irrational beliefs?
Offer evidence that your judgements are incorrect.
Offer a positive explanation.
Question the importance of the problem.
If judgements are true- change.
What is mindless reading?
Mindless reading is running your eyes over the words only to find you don't recall anything.
What is active reading?
Active reading is intense mental engagement in what you read.