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who is fondly called the biggest man in Omega Psi Phi?
William Baugh
who designed the excutcheon?
Alpha chapter Freddick Alston
what grand bas has served longer than any other bas in Omega and what year?
Z. Alexander looby 1940-1945
who was ths firsr grand basileus to be appointed due to a resignation?
John W Love 01/5/1924
what school is chi chapter?
edward waters college Jacksonville
when was the 1st issue of omega bulletin printed?
1928 by campbell C Johnson was editor
what founder was born in 1890?
professor Frank Coleman
what district was the main opposition to the frat housing program?
10th district
what district has the most single letter chapters than any other district in OPP?
2nd district
what district had the most Grand Basileus?
7th district
who was the only Grand Basileus from 12th district?
Bro. Dr. L Benjamin Livingston, Pi Rho
who was Homer G Phillips?
An attorney that fought for Negro rights and was killed in ST. Louis
what year did colonal Charles Young die?
what is the Pan-Hellenic Council?
it is a collaborative organization of 9 historically African American, International greek letter fraternities and sororities.
Who is W. Spurgeon Bruke?
served as a special assistant on Negro education in the Veterans Bureau .
Who was the first Grand Basileus to be elected that was already a famous lawyer?
George L Vaughn
what is the significance of Xi Gamma in relation to Sigma Iota?
Vance Barnes and Robert Hudson were charter members of Xi Gamma but crossed at Sigma Iota.
what are CILS?
Group cooperation Group initiative and group loyalty
Who composed the "Sweetheart song" ?
Don Pullen
"The Omega PSI PHI Fraternity and The Men who made its History A concise History" was written by who?
Robert L Gill.
Who was the first Negro administrator in the American Red cross?
Jesse O Thomas
Name all the NorCal chapters with their location?
1) Iota Mu, Epsilon Xi = Sac , UC Davis
2) Theta Pi = Vallejo
3) Delta Iota Iota = Stockton
4) Epsilon Mu, Alpha Rho = Berkeley
5) Sigma Iota = Oakland
6) Pi Chi = San Francisco
7) Alpha Mu = Stanford
8) Mu kappa kappa = Redwood City
9) Xi gamma, Xi Nu = San jose
10) Chi Nu = Fresno
11) Omicron Nu = Seaside
Writer / composer of Omega Man draw nigh?
Otto Bohannon
List the chapters that Sigma iota helped chartered with their years?
1955 Pi Chi
1962 Xi Gamma
1962 Alpha Rho
1968 Xi nu
1973 Theta Pi
1984 Epsilon Mu
What's your stones?
Group cooperation Group initiative and group loyalty
What day was Colonel Charles Young born?
March 12 1864
What date did Colonel Charles young die?
January 2nd 1922
Pioneer of Negro History Month
Carter G Woodson
Who designed the escutcheon?
Fredrik Alston
What is Alpha chapter?
Howard university 1911
Beta chapter
Lincoln University 1914
Gamma chapter?
Boston Massachusetts 1916
Delta Chapter?
Meharry Medical college 1919
Epsilon chapter?
New York 1919
Zeta Chapter?
Virginia 1919
ETA chapter?
Alcorn state 1950
Theta Chapter?
Wiley College 1922
Iota chapter ?
University of Chicago 1923
Kappa chapter?
Syracuse 1922
Mu chapter?
University of Pennsylvania 1923
Nu chapter?
Pennsylvania state 1921
Xi chapter?
University of Minnesota 1921
Omicron chapter?
Gammon Theological 1921
Pi chapter?
Morgan State college 1923
Rho chapter?
Johnson C Smith university 1923
Sigma chapter?
Michigan State University 1961
Tau chapter?
Upsilon chapter?
Wilberforce University 1923
Phi chapter?
Talladega 1922
Chi chapter?
edward waters Jacksonville 1961
Psi chapter?
Morehouse 1922
omega ?
Ouranos (death )
when was the frist Sigma Iota line chartered?
July 31, 1947
Who was on the frist line of Sigma Iota?
John C Anderson
Louis Harris
leova Rainey (last charter member died in 2012)
clarence Rhodes
Who are the chapter founders of Sigma Iota?
Dr. Charles Callay
Richard Clark
Charles Fields
Godfrey James
Dr. Joel louis
Warren Morris
Harry Payne
James Spann
James Straton
Richard Steward
Samuel Westbrook
roland Maples
Nov. 17, 1911
1st meeting Omega PSI PHi was organized. The name, cardinal principles motto and pin were formed.
November 23rd 1911
Second meeting charter members were chosen.
Dec 8, 1911
Third meeting Constitution proposed adopted and submitted to President Wilbur K. Thirkield for faculty Approval.
Dec. 15, 1911
Fourth meeting Alpha chapter was organized with 14 members. And John H Purnell was denied into Omega.
Feb. 28 1912
5th meeting was 1st initiation ceremonies and Edward Westmoreland was the 1st Basileus of Alpha chapter. Ernest E Just was made 1st honorary member.
March 8 1912
6th meeting - Colonel Charles Young was elected as the 2nd honorary member.