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How is the theme of prejudice entertained in the novel?

There is little respect for

women - Curley's Wife

black people - Crooks

the elderly - Candy

the mentally impaired - Lennie

the disabled - Lennie, Crooks and Candy

the animals - Candy's dog, (Lennie)

How is the theme of women entertained in the novel?

Curley's Wife is the lonely, sexually aware and ghost-like character. She is as if she is a possession of Curley. Naive despite her physical maturity, she believes she may become a film star.

Lennie's Aunt Clara took care of Lennie when he was younger, she was strict and scary to L. L's mother figure, and G respect her wishes once she died.

Susy is Soledad runs a brothel which is the place where the men go to relax and doll out their cash. Susy is humourous and well liked, and thought of as 'pure'.

In what way are women represented in the novel?

The men assume that Curley's wife is a trouble maker.

Most people dislike her but technically she never does anything wrong besides threaten Crooks.

Curley doesn't understand his wife's needs.

He thinks that having a soft hand and putting it to use is all she wants, which is untrue.

Both sexes undermine and stereotype the other.