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The event that triggers puberty is
adequate sun exposure
The hypothalamic-pituitary axis is first known to function
in utero
What is the first endocrine event associated with secondary sexual maturation?
Secretion of dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA by the adrenal glands
What is the usual length of time from the first physical signs of secondary sexual maturation until sexual maturation is complete?
4 years
What is the expected sequence of secondary sexual development in girls?
Thelarche, adrenarche, growth spurt, menarche, ovulation
Which of the following is required for timely secondary sexual maturation?
Sufficient body fat AND sleep AND light
What is the baseline percentage of body fat needed to sustain female reproductive function?
What is the earliest sign of delayed puberty in girls?
Failure of breast budding by age 13
When adrenarche occurs first, what is the expected interval to the onset of thelarche?
6 to 9 months
Which of the following may cause premature sexual development in adolescent girls?
Ovarian neoplasm
What is the most common genital tract cause of primary amenorrhea?
Imperforate hymen
Which of the following is a method for treating vaginal agenesis?
Pressure dilation of the vaginal space
What is the simple, definitive treatment for imperforate hymen?
What is the definitive chemical evidence of ovarian failure?
Elevated follicle-stimulating hormone FSH
Genetic information that regulates the rate of ovarian follicular atresia is located on
the long arm of the X chromosome
Genetic information that determines height and somatic characteristics is located on
the short arm of the X chromosome
Which of the following hormones must be replaced in girls with premature ovarian failure?
What is the risk of administering excessive estradiol-17beta (or other estrogens) in girls with pubertal failure?
Short stature
What is the risk of delaying administration of estradiol-17beta in girls with pubertal failure?
Alteration of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulse frequency in adolescent girls will result in
no pituitary stimulation of the ovary
What condition is associated with olfactory tract hypoplasia and failure of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion?
Kallmann syndrome
What condition is associated with failure to establish secondary sexual development, a webbed neck, and short stature?
Turner syndrome
During clinical evaluation, Kallmann syndrome can be recognized by
olfactory challenge
How could a patient with Kallmann syndrome be treated to help her conceive?
Pulsatile administration of gonadotropin-releasing hormone
In adolescents, what would be evidence of incomplete puberty that is caused by marijuana use?
Suppressed gonadotropins (FSH & LH)
What is the prognosis for adolescent girls who have delayed puberty or secondary amenorrhea resulting from participation in competitive athletics?
Normal secondary sexual development can be anticipated
Isosexual precocious puberty is defined as
premature sexual maturation following the normal sequence
What is the most common cause of inappropriate hormone secretion leading to precocious puberty in girls?
Adrenal hyperplasia, 21-hydroxylase type
What is the treatment of choice for children with isosexual precocious puberty?
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone
Isosexual precocious puberty generally results in
short stature
A woman with uterine and vaginal agenesis can have her own genetic child through
ovum donation
Premature ovarian failure is characterized by
lower estrogen level, elevated gonadotropin levels
In patietns with premature ovarian failure, the daily dose of conjugated estrogen to initiate secondary sexual maturation is
0.3 mg
In patients with premature ovarian failure, the daily dose of conjugated estrogen to induce menarch is
1.25 mg
In patients with premature ovarian failure, induction of cyclic bleeding is accomplished with the cyclic administration of