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(20)Noose looking tape owned by a dove is being traded to a duck for a dish. A (15)doll is being talked to on a tire by a dime made tin wearing toad.
A (10)dice holding pie is talking to a foe wearing near a cow a shoe. An (5)oil holding ore is being located through mayo talking in an inn to a tie.
A (41)radio attached to a ring owned by a room is being traded to a rower for a roll. A (46)roach made of rock is on a roof wearing rope that looks like a lasso.
A (51)lid owned by a lion driving a limo is being traded to a lair for a lily. A (56)leash found on a lake by a leaf is being traded to a lab for cheese.
(60)Cheese owned by lab is being traded to a leaf for a lake found leash. A (55)lily owned by a lair is being traded to a limo driving lion for a lid.
A (50)lasso looking rope is being worn on a roof by a rock made roach. A (45)roll owned by a rower is being traded to a room for a ring attached radio.
A (21)net held by a nun is being thrown over an enemy holding a new oar with a nail. A (26)new shoe is attached to a new key that looks like a knife for a knob owned by a mouse.
A (31)maid is using the moon to ask a mime on a mare how to find the mall. (36)Mush in a mug is being eaten during a movie near a mop that smells like a rose.
A (81)photo owned by a phone is being traded for foam to a fur wearing fly. (86)Fish in fog are being caught by an oafy foe and an oafy ape while leaning on a bus.
A (91)bed is using a pen to ask a bomb how to find a bear that owns a pool. A (96)peach owned by a book is being traded for beef to a pipe holding a toy seesaw.
A (100)toy seesaw holding pipe is trading beef to a book for a peach. A (95)pool owning bear is being located through a bomb talking to a pen using bed.
A (90)bus is being leaned on by an oafy ape and an oafy foe in fog catching fish. A (85)fly wearing fur is trading foam to a phone for a photo.
A (1)tie in an inn is asking mayo how to find an ore holding oil. A (6)shoe near a cow is being worn by a foe talking to a pie holding dice.
A (11)toad wearing a tin made dime is on a tire talking to a doll. A (16)dish owned by a duck is being traded to a dove for tape that looks like a noose.
A (80)vase looking cup owned by a cave is being traded to a cake for a couch. A (75)coal made car is being driven by a comb containing can wearing cat.
A (70)goose navigated ship contains a chef talking to a shake holding judge. A (65)shell owned by jar is being traded for a gem to a chain wearing jet.
A (61)jet wearing a chain is trading a gem to a jar for a shell. A (66)judge holding a shake is talking to a chef on a ship navigated by a goose.
A (71)cat wearing a can containing a comb is driving a car made of coal. A (76)couch owned by a cake is being traded to a cave for a cup that looks like a vase.
A (40)rose smelling mop is being traded during a movie for a mug containing mush. The (35)mall is being located through a mare riding mime talking to a moon using maid.
A (30)mouse owns a knob that uses a knife looking new key attached to a new shoe. A (25)nail is in a new oar being held by an enemy covered by a nun thrown net.