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What are the 2 main divisions of the peripheral nervous system?
Somatic motor system

Autonomic nervous system (ANS)
Name the divisions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
1) sympathetic (SNS)
2) parasympathetic (PSNS)
What are the primary functions of the PSNS?
Rest/Digest - "housekeeping"
1) regulation of heart (dec.)
2) regulation of secretory glands (inc)
3) regulation of smooth muscle (inc)
What are the primary functions of the SNS?
1) (inc) HR/vasocinstriction
2) (dec) temp - shunts blood away from periphery
3) fight/flight rxn
What transmitter does the PSNS employ?
ACh - organs
What transmitter does the SNS employ?
NE - organs
Epi - adrenal medulla (direct)
ACh - sweat glands
What transmitter does the somatic motor system employ?
1 motor neuron
What is a sympathomimetic ?
adrenergic agonist
What is a sympatholytic?
adrenergic antagonist
What is a parasympathomimetic?
cholinergic agonist
what is a parasympatholytic?
cholinergic antagonist
Describe fight/flight response of the SNS
1)mobilization of glucose
2)diversion of blood from peripheral circulation to brain/hrt/kidneys
3)HR/BP regulation
4)dilation of pupils
6) temp regulation/vasodilation/constriction (inc/dec)
Describe "housekeeping" chores of the PSNS.
1) dec HR
2) inc GI secretions
3) emptying bladder/bowel
4) pupils: constriction
5)lens: near vision
6) bronchoconstriction
What system controls vasoconstriction/vasodilation?
What are the 3 postganglionic receptors of the subdivisions of the PNS?
PSNS: nicotinicN
SNS: nicotinicN
Somatic motor system: nicotinicM