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What are the 2 systems in the nervous system and what are they?
-Central: Brain and spinal cord

-Peripheral:Afferent and Efferent division
What is the Afferent and Efferent division?
-Afferent: Sensory information that flows to the brain

-Efferent:Motor comands from the brain to muscle or gland
What are the 2 systems of the efferent division and what do they do?
-Somatic: Skeletal muscle

-Autonomic: divides into parasympathetic and sympathetic.
-effects organs, glands, and smooth muscle
What is parasympathetic and sympathetic do?
-Parasympathetic: rest and digest

-Sympathetic: fight or flight
Whats neural tissue made up of and what do they do?
-Neurons: (nerves) responsible for transmitting information

-Neurogilia (gilial0-supporting cells
What is the Nissl bodies, axon hillock, perikaryon, dendries and axon in a neuron?
-Nissl bodies: elaborate type of rough ER involving metabolism
-Axon Hillock: transition area between soma and axon
-Perikaryon: region around the nucleus
-Dendrites: stimulated by environmental changes or other activies of other cells
-axon: conducts nerve impulses (action potentials) toward synaptic terminals
What are the Glial cells of the CNS?
-Ependymal Cells
What does Astrocytes do and what kind of cell is it?
-a Glial cell
-Maintain blood brain barrier (BBB)
-Create framework for CNS
-perform repairs in damages of neural tissue
-guiding neron development
-controlling the interstitial environment
What does oligodendrocytes do and what kind of cell is it?
-a Glial Cell
-ties axons together
-create myelin in the CNS
What is myelin, white matter and grey matter?
Myelin: improves performance (conduction speed)
-White matter: contains myelin
-Grey matter: have unmyelinated axons