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What is an excellent method to maintain accountability through effective feedback?
What is defined as instruction in a phase of military
duty in which an individual is deficient?
Extra military instruction
The command may delegate the authority to assign EMI to a?
What is authorized as another
administrative corrective measure to correct infractions of military regulation or performance deficiencies when punitive action does not
appear appropriate?
Withholding of Privileges
Final authority to withhold a privilege, however temporary, must rest with?
Authority empowered to grant
that privilege
Depriving subordinates of normal liberty as a
punishment is illegal unless
the punishment is imposed at?
NJP or Courtmartial
Formal proceedings are
usually initiated using the what?
Report and Disposition of
Offense(s) (Report Chit)
What is used by some commands as a part of the administrative process for handling report chits?
What is the power to
command, enforce laws, exact obedience, determine, or judge?
What sets limits on certain types of authority and limits on delegation, such as who can impose NJP, who can authorize search and seizure?
The Uniform Code of Military
Justice (UCMJ)
Operational risk Management can be founded in what manual?
Begin with an outline or chart of the major steps in the operation (operational analysis) . Next, conduct a Preliminary Hazard Analysis by listing all of the hazards associated with each step in the operational analysis along with possible causes for those hazards
Identify Hazards
For each hazard identified, determine the associated degree of risk in terms of probability and severity.
Assess Hazards
First, develop risk control options. Start with the most serious risk first and select controls that will reduce the risk to a minimum consistent with mission accomplishment. With selected controls in place, decide if the benefit of the operation outweighs the risk. If risk outweighs benefit or if assistance is required to implement controls, communicate with higher authority in the chain of command.
Make Risk Decisions
The following measures can be used to eliminate hazards or reduce the degree of risk.
Implement Controls
Conduct follow-up evaluations of the controls to ensure they remain in place and have the desired effect. Monitor for changes, which may require further ORM. Take corrective action when necessary.
The ORM process exists on how man levels?
The hazard may cause death, loss of facility/asset or result in grave damage to national interests
Category I -
The hazard may cause minor injury, illness, property damage, damage to national, service or command interests or degradation to efficient use of assets
Category III -
The hazard may cause severe injury, illness, property damage, damage to national or service interests or degradation to efficient use of assets
Category II -
The hazard presents a minimal threat to personnel safety or health property, national, service or command interests or efficient use of assets
Category IV -
The probability that a hazard will result in a mishap or loss, based on an assessment of such factors as location exposure (cycles or hours of operation), affected populations, experience or previously established statistical information
Mishap Probability -
Likely to occur immediately or within a short period of time. Expected to occur frequently to an individual item or person or continuously to a fleet, inventory or group
Sub-category A -
May occur in time. Can reasonably be expected to occur some time to an individual item or person or several times to a fleet, inventory or group.
Sub-category C -
Probably will occur in time. Expected to occur several times to an individual item or person or frequently to a fleet, inventory or group
Sub-category B -
Unlikely to occur
Sub-category D -
What is an expression of risk that combines the elements of hazard severity and mishap probability?
Risk Assessment Code (RAC) -
Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse policy can be founded in what manual?
Urinalysis is required how many days prior to detachment from current duty station
30 days
The minimum monthly testing requirement is for a command is what?
4 times monthly
The 4 tests must include a minimum of how mand personnel?
15 percent
Commands may submit up to how many unit sweeps per fiscal year?
Using the unit sweep (IU) premise commands shall conduct urinalysis on all newly reported personnel within?
72 hours of arrival
Except for months when a command conducts a command unit sweep, echelon 3 commanders approval is required for submissions in excess of what?
40 percent
NDSLs retain chain of custody documents and other paperwork on file for how long?
3 years
The Navy's fraternization policy can be founded in what manual?
The Navy's Personnel Security policy can be founded in what manual?
SECNAV M-5510.30
Who bears executive responsibility for the security of the Nation that includes the authority to classify information and limit access thereto for the protection of the national defense and foreign relations of the United States?
Who is the primary internal security agency of the Government with jurisdiction over investigative matters, which include espionage, sabotage, treason and other subversive activities?
Who responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective PSP to ensure that access to classified information by each DON employee is clearly consistent with the interests of national security?
Who provides centralized
coordination and direction for signals intelligence and
communications security for the Federal Government?
National Security Agency
Who coordinates the
intelligence efforts of the Army, Navy and Air Force and is responsible for implementation of standards and operational
management of Sensitive Compartmented Information?
Defense Intelligence Agency