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What is balance? Page 246
Page 246: when the body is in equilibrium and stationary, meaning no linear or angular movement
What is dynamic balance? Page 246
Page 246: the ability to move and change directions under various conditions without falling
What are the effects of joint dysfunction? Page 247
Page 247: joint dysfunction leads to muscle inhibition which may lead to joint injury then swelling finally altered proprioception
What should balance training challenge? Page 249
Page 249: an individual's ability to stabilize outside the normal base of support
What are the benefits of balance training ? Page 249
Page 249: to help prevent lower extremity injuries by improving balance ability in many types of individuals including those who are healthy and physically active
When considering balance training parameters, what three indicators must a trainer consider during exercise selection? Page 251
Page 251: safe, progressive, proprioceptively challenging
What variables should a trainer consider in regard to balance training parameters? Page 251
Page 251: plane of motion and body position
What is the main goal of balance training? Page 252
Page 252: to continually increase the client's awareness of his or her limit of stability or kinetic awareness by creating controlled instability
What are some sample balance - stabilization exercises? Page 253
Page 253: single leg balance, single leg balance reach, single leg hip internal and external rotation, single leg lift and chop, single leg throw and catch
What are some sample balance - strength exercises page 257
Page 257: single leg squat, single leg squat touchdown, single leg Romanian deadlift, multiplanar step up to balance, multiplanar lunge to balance
What are some sample balance - power exercises? Page 261
Page 261: multiplanar hop with stabilization, multi-planar single leg box hop up with stabilization, multiplane are single leg box hop down with stabilization