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Cross-talk measured at the far end of the cable from the signal source. ​

far end cross-talk (FEXT)​

Physical layer standard for networks that specifies 1-Gbps transmission over fiber-optic cable using baseband transmission, relying on 1300 nanometer wavelengths.​


A term used to refer to a type of twisted-pair cable. All of the category cables fall under the TIA/EIA 568 standard.

Cat (category)​

A form of transmission that allows multiple signals to travel simultaneously over one medium.​


The amount of data that a medium transmits during a given period of time.


A character encoding system consisting of 128 characters.​


The distance between corresponding points on a wave's cycle, expressed in meters or feet.


A Physical layer standard for networks that achieves 1 Gbps over Cat 6 or better cabling using only twopairs of wires


A multiplexing technique used over single-mode or multimode fiber-optic cable in which each signal is assigned a different wavelength for its carrier wave.​

​DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

An unwanted connection, such as when exposed wires touch each other.​

short circuit​

A device that is responsible for modulating digital signals into analog signals, and demodulating analog signals into digital signals at the receiving end, is known as?​

​A modem

​A measure of a signal's strength at any given time is known as which term below?


Ethernet is an example of what type of technology?​


Frequencies used to convey speech over telephone lines fall between what two frequencies below?​

​300 Hz, ​3.3 KHz

How many cable pairs are needed for 1000Base-T transmission over CAT5e cable?​


Phone companies make use of what type of multiplexing in order to allow for phone services and DSL services over the same line?​


Since cable TV and cable ​Internet can share the same coaxial cable, they are considered to be what type of technology?


Standard PoE devices ​must be provided with how much power in order to function?

​15.4 watts

The most common multiplexing technology used in conjunction with fiber optics is which option below?​


The number of times that a wave's amplitude cycles from its starting point, through its highest amplitude and its lowest amplitude, and back to its starting point over a fixed period of time, is known as ​what term below?


Using a form of transmission that allows multiple signals to travel simultaneously over one medium is known as which of the following options?​


Using DWDM, a single fiber can carry between what two numbers of channels?​

​80, ​160

​WDM divides a beam of light into how many different wavelengths or colors?


What Ethernet standard below is also referred to as "thinnet"?​


What is the maximum distance for 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW on a segment of single mode fiber?​


What is the maximum supported throughput and bandwidth / signal rate of Cat 5e?​

​1000 Gbps, ​350 MHz

What is the maximum supported throughput of a CAT6 cable?​

​10 Gbps

What is the minimum category of UTP cable required in order to support Gigabit speeds?​

​Cat 5e

​What term below is used to describe the outer-most layer of protective covering of a coaxial cable?


​What two connector types are typically used to terminate RG-6 and RG-59 cables?

​f-connectors, ​BNC

What two items below are commonly expressed as bits transmitted per second?

​throughput, ​bandwidth

What type of cross-talk occurs between wire pairs near the source of a signal? ​

​near end cross talk

Which of the following connectors is the most common for multimode fiber?​


​Which option below reflects the standard impedance of an RG-6 cable?

​75 ohms

Which type of multiplexing is defined by wavelength instead of frequency?​


A ________ cable reverses all of the wires without regard to how they are paired.​


A ______ is a device that retransmits a digital signal in its original form, extending the length of a segment.


A Answer is a simple instrument that can measure many characteristics of an electric circuit, including its resistance, voltage, and impedance.​


A ______ is a voltage, frequency, pulse, or phase change in an analog transmission.​


________ causes problems only when a receiving node is expecting some type of communication, such as the rest of the data stream it has begun to accept.​