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James Brown

funk, civil rights movement

Janis Joplin

60s psychadelic
big brother & the holdin company
Sang "Pieces of my Heart"

Grace Slick

60s Psychadelic
Member of Jefferson Airplane

"Don't you want someone to love"
"White Rabbit"

Bill Graham

60s Psychadelc rock
Promoter for the Fillmore and Winterland Arena

Berry Gordy Jr.

Founderer on Motown Records

Motown Records

Funk Brothers - more hits than beatles or beach boys

Philles Records

Founded by Phil Spector

Phil Spector

"The First Tycoon of Teen"
Founded Philles Records

Atlantis Records

Independent Label

Black Artists from the 60s

Decca Records

Independent Label

Urban Folk

Teenage Symphony

Started with Phil Spector

American Bandstand

TV show hosted by Dick Clark

The Beatles

George Harrison

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr

George Martin

"5th Beatle"
Innovative Engineering and Recording Effects

The BRitish Invasion


The Who

The Kinks

The Rolling Stones - "Satisfaction"

The Animals

The Supremes

MoTown Records

"You can't hurry love"

Brian Wilson

Founded the Beach Boys.
Influenced by Chuck Berry
California Surfin Guitar sound

Beach Boys

Founded by Brian Wilson

11th Album "Pet Sounds" one of the most influential albums in popular music.

Smokey Robinson

MoTown records

Stevie Wonder

MoTown Records


Diana Ross

MoTown records

Ray Charles

Gospel/Soul Primarily

"I've got a woman"

Peter Paul and Mary

Decca Records

Urban Folk

"Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Brought Electric Guitar into urban folk


Street intersection of the San Francisco Hippie Movement

The Funk Brothers

Backed most MoTown record song - More hits than the Beatles or Beach Boys

Chubby Checker

Ernest Evans
"The Twist" produced by Dick Clark

dick clark

Host of American Bandstand

The Monkeys

First successful all produced band.

The Twist

#1 in 1961 and 1962

"Lets Twist Again" in 1963

Connie Francis

#1 Female Pop Singer 1959-1962
"Lipstick on Your Collar"
"Where the Boys Are


Event in Golden Gate Park in 1967

Prelude to San Fran's Summer of love

Introduced the word "Psychedelic"

Jim Reeves

Country Singer

Baritone Voice

Nashville Sound

Big Brother & the Holding COmpany

Janice Joplin's band

The Wrecking Crew

Backed thousands of Hollywood artists
Philles Records

Aretha Franklin


Burt Bacharach

Next Generation Tin Pan Alley
Wrote music for Dionne Warwick
"Rain drops keep falling on my head" (first hit of the 70s)

Dionne Warwick

Bubble Gum gone wrong?

The Cowsills

Family with #1 hits
Added mom to band, offered a TV show
Inspired the Partridge Family

Surf Rock vs. Surf Pop

Surf Rock - Dick Dale and the Del Tones - Largely Instrumental

Surf Pop - Beach Boys - Surf Ballads and Dance Music

Surf Guitar

Electric Guitars played through Spring Reverb