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The approximate dates of the Baroque period are...?
What are the characteristics of the Baroque period?
an age of reason, an era of absolute monarchy, and an era of change, adventure, and exploration
The Baroque period witnessed a new style of music, which featured a single vocal melody with accompaniment. This was known as...?
The group of early Baroque writers, artists, and musicians whose aim was to resurrect the musical drama of ancient Greece was known as...?
the Florentine Camerata
Which two instruments would most likely have played the basso continuo in the Baroque ear?
bassoon or cello and the harpsichord or organ
The primary tonality used during the Baroque was...?
The term Baroque probably derives from...?
a Portuguese word meaning irregular in shape
How did Baroque musicians make a living?
as servants to royalty and nobility, as members of the church, and as employees of a free city
The introduction of monody in music represented a major shift in texture from...?
polyphonic to homophonic
The ideas of and music of the Florentine Camerata led the way directly toward...?
the development of opera
The Baroque techniques of placing numerals, indicating the harmony required, above or below teh bass notes is called...?
figured bass
What characterizes the musical style of teh Baroque period?
a driving, energetic rhythm, a contiuously expanding melody, and shifts of dynamics from one level to another
A system of slightly adjusting the tuning of intervals withing the octave, thus making it possible to play in every major and minor key, was called...?
equal temperament
The element of Baroque music that reflected composers' interest in farway lands is...?
It was through the musical innovations of the_________ taht opera was born.
Florentine Camerata
A highly emotional song in opera is called...?
an aria
The artifically created male soprano or alto who dominated opera was known as...?
The solo opera style that grew directly out of the earliest monodies of the Florentine Camerata was called...?
The text of opera is called...?
the libretto
The orchestral introduction heard at teh beginning of an opera is called...?
an overture