Comparative Analysis: Baroque Music Vs. Classical Music

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Sarika Persaud
Professor Debra Matthew
ENC 1101
December 08, 2015

Baroque music vs. Classical music

Music has changed drastically over decades. It has been seen by many different point of views and many different styles. In todays society, we never really see the amount of work that composers has put into instrumental pieces. In my essay, ill be comparing and contrasting two types of music which are the Baroque and Classical era of music. The Baroque era began during the 1600’s and continued throughout 1750. The Baroque music era was one of the turning points in music. During the Baroque era the development of functional tonality, began which changed the way instruments were played and also, more longer and complex compositions. The Baroque era featured well-known composers who were Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi. Many musical terms and concepts were brought to life which
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It meant that it began joyful throughout the piece and remained joyful. The Classical era, the mood changed. Another difference between the Baroque and Classical period was the melody. The Baroque era, there was only one melodic idea that was used throughout the piece. It was compared to the classical era because the classical melody was short and balanced, the piece had two or more contrasting themes. Another different feature was the rhythm of each era. During the classical era, rhythm was flexible and contained many other rhythmic patterns. On the other hand, in Baroque music there was one basic, regular, continuous motion of rhythm in a piece. Texture, also played a difference because during the Baroque era texture of a music piece was “polyphonic”. It means that it had more then one melodic part. Surprisingly, the Classical era the texture was “homophonic”. Which meant that there was only one main melody played throughout a piece without a accompany

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