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Skeletal Muscle

Responsible for voluntary movement and is therefore innervated by somatic nervous system.

Red Fibers

Slow-twitch fibers of skeletal muscle that have high myoglobin content and derive energy aerobically, and lots of mitochondria.

White Fibers

Fast-twitch fibers that contain much less myoglobin.

Smooth Muscle

Responsible for involuntary actions, controlled by autonomic nervous system. Can contract without nervous input (myogenic activity).


Sustained state of low-level contraction (such as in blood vessels) of smooth muscles.

Cardiac Muscle

Primarily uninucleated, involuntary, striated. Connected by intercalated discs with many gap junctions connecting cytoplasm of adjacent cells.


Sarcomeres laid end to end, and surrounded by a covering called the sarcoplasmic reticulum (modified ER with high Ca+2 concentration).


Modified cytoplasm located just outside the sarcoplasmic reticulum.


Cell membrane of a myocyte/muscle cell. Capable of propagating an action potential via transverse (T) tubules.


Muscle cells. Contain many myofibrils arranged in parallel in a muscle fiber. Polynucleated.

Latent Period

Time between reaching threshold and onset of contraction. During this time, action potential spreads along muscle and allows for calcium to be released from sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Frequency Summation

When muscle fiber is exposed to frequent and prolonged stimulation with insufficient time to relax, contractions will combine, become stronger, and more prolonged.

Oxygen Debt

Difference between amount of oxygen needed, and actual amount present.