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What is London's night economy worth?

£45 billion per year , 8% of GDP

Describe London's progress as a 24 hour city

Night route buses doubled 1999-2013, McDonalds 24 hours increased from 6-50 2006-15

What is market-led rebranding?

Where private investors or businesses owners spend money on property to make money over time through inflation

What are top-down rebranding strategies

Local authorities regenerate an area in accordance with local strategies

What does the government do as part of their 'Northern powerhouse' scheme?

Invested £700 million to improve schools in the North and cuts to business rates, £60 million for improved East - West rail link (Leeds to Manchester)

What road did the ERDF part fund? How much did it cost?

£6 million improvement to A55 along North Wales coast between Chester - Wrexham 2014-18

Why did London need to rebrand?

To get rid of 'big smoke' label after industrializatoin and the great fire of london

When was the flagship selfridges store created in Birnmingham? What were the knock on effects of this:

2003, further development followed of New Dtreet station

what is market led rebranding?

Where private investors or business owners spend money on property to make a profit over time through inflation

What is an example of a 'top down' strategy?

Former Salford Quays in Manchester transformed into whats know as 'Media City UK'

WHo acted as a coorporate body in the northen powerhouse scheme?

Barclays bank who gaev a £500 million growth fund to small and medium businesses in the NOrth

What is an example of a non-profit organisation who contribute to placemaking in the UK?

Arts council who have a budget of £20 million