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What % of data now includes a locational component?


How much of total FDI was invested by Chinese companies in 2015?

$100 billion

How much flow of FDI was there into the UK from Japan with the Hitachi plant?

£85 million

What effect did the Hitachi plant have on jobs?

700 employed, will create a further 6000 jobs in the supply chain within a 50 mile radius

Why were Japan attracted to the UK?

Preferred language, UK government given them a £5.7 billion contract to build the next generation of UK inter City trains

Where was FDI a negative in the UK?

When BMW took over Rover in Longbridge, 600 jobs were lost in 2015

How much has coca cola invested in Africa 1995 - 2000?

$600 million

How does FDI not always have direct impact?

InAfrica, despite technology and media receiving 20% of African FDI, it is only responsible for the creation of 7.5% of new jobs.

How did the economic crisis of 2008 affect FDI?

FDI to Turkey has dropped by $18.5 billion since 2008

What are the features of the Adastral Park New Town development?

£96 million investment, 500 construction jobs and 'all through school' to benefit 1800

Whate environmental concern did NANT express?

Site too close to River Deben estuary - AONB

What other player was involved in APNT?

Carlyle land - private player

Describe the locatoin of the enw HItatchi plant and why it was here.

Newton Aycliffe, NE England opened in 2015, this area has a history of railway engineering as the worlds first regular passenger service operated here in the 1820s