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What is the mnemonic for melodic vocabulary?

Generally Count To Regular Rows In A Climbing Phrase

What does the melodic mnemonic stand for?

Generally - General character

Count - Contour

To - tonality

Regular - Register

Rows - Range

In - Intervals

A - Accompaniment

Climbing - Climax

Phrase -Phrase

List some things to discuss in General Character

Virtuosic, complex, simple

Character/Mood – Joyous, brooding, relaxed, aggressive

List things to discuss in Contour

The shape of the melody -

ascending, descending, arch like, wave-like, jagged, linear

List things to discuss in Tonality

Major, minor, modal, pentatonic, atonal, chromatic

Register words

Upper, middle, lower. – Depends on instrument/voice. Comfortable/uncomfortable.

Range words

Wide, narrow, unlimited, confined, small.

Intervals words

Large, small, stepwise, scalic, arpeggiated, triadic, consonant – within the key, chromatic – outside the key Chromaticism (heavy/light).

Accompaniment words

Describe the melody of different parts – eg walking bass, smooth voice leading in accompanying chordal parts. Compare to each other – which has a wider range? Which uses more chromaticism etc?

How to discuss Climax?

How is it reached? – stepwise, by an 8ve, arpeggiated intervals, from above or below

How is it resolved? – stepwise, arpeggiated, etc. Character of the climax? - Dramatic, anticlimactic, organic/natural/ expected, unexpected.

Are there many climaxes or just one main one?


Even/uneven, repeated phrases, form? ABA – strophic (verse/chorus) Bridge/transition