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Who's the protagonist?

Mr. Loveday

Which class does the family belong to?

The Upper Classes

When does the story takes place?

Between the two world wars

Who wrote the story?

Evelyn Waugh

What has Mr. Loveday done in his past?

Killed a young girl

What has Lord Moping done?

Tried to commit suicide

Who's sane?


What is the most important thing for Lady Moping?

Garden Parties

How is Mr. Loveday?

Sane inside the asylum, insane when outside

What is main theme?

Criticism of the class system

Who is Lord Moping sending letters to, and why?

The Pope, about rivers

What is the criticism of the class-system in the text?

Everybody wants to be seen perfect

What does Mr. Loveday do at the ending?

Kills a young girl on a bike again

How often does Lady Moping visit her husband?

Once every season

How many relatives does Mr. Loveday has?

One - a sister