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in 1800 the russian government organized attacks against the jewish people. These organized attacks were called
name 4 push factors that led immigrants to want to come to our country
1)many immigrants were farmers with NO LAND TO FARM

2&3)RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL PERSECUTION- in 1800 russian government organized attacks against jewish people

4)POVERTY - for chinese - drove them into our country
name three pull factors
1- FREEDOM - the promise for freedom and a a better lifefor the poor and the oppressed.

2- BETTER LIFE - once the newcomers came here they would pull other people from their country to the U.S. by telling them about our rich land and freedom.

3 JOBS- our factories need workers - they sent agents to europe and asia to hire workers at low wages
many immigrants traveled by ship to get here. They were jammed up to 2,000 people in airless rooms below deck. what were these rooms named.
when immigrants came to the united states after 1886 what statue did they see
Statue of Libery
what country gave us this statue
the statue became a symbol of _______
and _________
hope and freedom
what is the name of the poem engraved at the base of the statue
The New Colossus
what is the first 2 line of this poem
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breath free,
Where was the harbor on the east coast where ships filled with immigrants went to
Ellis Island
What group entered the east coast
what island did the immigrants enter on
the west coast
angel island
what groups entered angel island
mostly immigrants from china and japan
immigrants entering the west coast (angels island) had long delays because americans __________
did not want asians coming to our country. (Japanese and Chinese are considered ASIANS)
a Group of people who share a common culture
ethnic group
Those immigrants from england, ireland, germans, and scandinavians became known as the ____immigrants
old immigrants
AFTER 1885 EUROPEAN immigrants came to u.s. they were greeks, russians, polish, italians and hungarians. these immigrants were known as ______ immigrants
most immigrants settled in what kind of areas?
immigrants were often torn between their own culture and adjusting to american culture. the process of becoming another culture is ___________
two reasons many americans did not want immigrants here because
their customs and language were too different

the immigrants accepted lower wages(LOWER PAY)- they took jobs away from the americans were paid a higher salary.
a person who wanted to limit immigration and preserve the u.s. for native-born white protestants
Angel Island was located in the west. Where?
San Francisco Bay, California
Immigrants usually stayed in neighborhoods with others who had same culture These neighborhoods were called
ethnic neighborhods
native born american often feared the differences in immigrants. In 1882 what act was passed against a particular ethnic grou[
the chinese exclusion act
what did the chinese exclusion act do
it banned(prevented) chinese workers from coming to this country
What part of our country did african natives move to.
northern cities. Because the south was predjudice against africans.
how were the people spread out in the cities
the poor were crowded into the downtown areas of the cities

the middle class(people with more money)
lived in the outskirts(near the outside of the city) of the city in nice homes with yards

the wealthy lived outside the city in mansions.
Where is the Statue of Liberty Located?
new york city
The movement of population from arms to cities
why were farmers attracted to the cities. what caused urbanization - the movement of population from farms to cities
more jobs because industries grew in the cities
builders built a new kind of building to hold more people. This building was divided into small apartments called ___________
desease such as typhoid and cholera raged through the tenements because there was overcrowding.

a lung disease that was the biggest killer was___________
Many of the tenements had no heat, windows or indoor bathrooms. Reformist
forced the government to pass laws on how a building structure should be built. what were they called
building codes
new codes included:
fireescapes, decent plumbing, garbage had to be collected
a community center that offers services to the poor
a settlement house
a leader in settlement house movement
after college JANE ADDAMS moved to one of the poorest slums in chicago.

she started a settlement house in an old mansion. she called it __________
Hull House
In the settlement houses poor people were taught
english, sports, health care classes and day care
What changes were made in the cities?
Electric Elevators

Skyscrapers - tall building structures

Trolley cars(street cars)- to help with transportation

Subway - 1st in boston - electric subway

Department stores - one stop shopping
These were designed in cities to calm people
parks - Central Park in New York City
A newspaper is meant to provide news. When more scandal than news is printed this is called_________
yellow journalism
who were the two men who created the modern day newspaper
Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph
Which man creted the New York Journal that printed mostly scandal(yellow journalism)
William Hearst
which man created the New York World that printed mostly news
Joseph Pulitzer
This was a variety show that included comedians, song-and-dance routines and acrobats
what music bacame very popular? It is very lively music
Most popular sport in the nation
What sport was created in 1891 as an indoor sport
famous writers of those times
Mark Twain
Stephen Crane
Paul Laurence Dunbar