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Private ships authorized by a nation
Money owed by the country to various creditors
National Debt
Incident in which french agents attempted to get a bribe and loans from u.s. diplomats in exchange for an agreement that french privateers will no longer attack american ships
XYZ Affair
supported women's education because educated mothers would instruct their sons in principles of liberty and government
Dr. Benjamin Rush
groups of people who organize to help elect government officials and influence government policies
Political parties
the federal government could do only what the constituion specifically said it could do
strict construction
constitutional amendment that created a separate ballot for president and vice president
12th Amendment
investors who buy things at a low price with the hopes that the price will rise later
Outgoing president's adivice to the nation
Farewell Address
protest of small farmers in Pennsylvania against new taxes on Whiskey and other alcohol
Whiskey Rebellion
laws passed by a federalist dominated congress aimed at protecting the government from treasonist ideas, actions and ideas
Alien & Sedition Acts
Certificates that represent money owned by a country to its citizens
means the government could take reasonable actions that the constitution didn't specifically forbid it from taking
Loose Construction
France's new minister was convinced that the american people wanted to join france's revolutionary war
Citizen Genet
stated that the u.s. would remain neutral to all nations at war in Europe
Neutrility proclamation
national bank chartered by congress in 1791 to provide security for the u.s. economy
Bank of the United States
agreement negotiated by John Jays to work out problems between britain and the u.s. over the western frontier
Jay's Treaty
agreement between american indian confederation leaders and the u.s. government that gave the u.s. indian lands in the southeastern part of the northwest territory and granted that u.s. citizens could safely travel through the region
Treaty of Grenville
legislation passed by congress that created a federal court system
Judiciary Act
agreement between the u.s. and spain to change florida's border and made it easier for america's ships to use the port of new orleans
Pickney's Treaty
the tax on imported goods
Potective tariff
an action or decision that later serves as an example
What political party was John Adams
Why did Jefferson resign from Washington's cabinet
He felt that Hamilton was influencing the president's opinions about foreign policy issues and thus interfereing with Jefferson's role as secretary of state
What was Hamilton's belief on paying state debts
He wanted the federal government to assume the debts that the states incurred as a result of the revolutionary war
What was Hamilton's belief regarding national debt?
He felt that the federal government needed to first pay off debts to foreign countries and then pay off the bonds at their full value to u.s. citizens plus any profits that might have been realized for those who hung onto their bonds. Jefferson disagreed with this saying that it was unfair to those who sold their bonds at a lower price out of necessity
What was Hamilton's belief in regard to strict or loose construction?
Hamilton believed in a loose intrepretation of the constitution so that it could adapt to new things that came up. Jefferson believed that it should be interpreted only to allow for those things specifically stated.
What were Hamilton's beliefs in regard to manufacturing and Agriculture?
Hamilton wanted to promote manufacturing & establish taxes on imported foreign products so that u.s. products would be more cost effective. Jefferson, however, didn't want us to become too dependent on business and manufacturing and felt the stability was in promoting u.s. citizens to be farmers.
What were Hamilton's belief regarding France or Britain?
Hamilton supported the British and Jefferson supported the French. This led Washington to enact the Neutrality Proclamation so that the u.s. would remain neutral to all foreign nations.
What were Hamilton's beliefs regarding common man or wealthy man?
Hamilton had little faith in the common people whereas Jefferson believed strongly in the ability of the average citizen.
What were Hamilton's beliefs regarding federalists or democratic republicans?
Hamilton was a strong leader in the federalist party and they wanted to strengthen the federal government and promote industry and trade. Jefferson was a leader in the Democratic-republican party and he wanted to preserve the power of the state governments.
What policital party was John Adams?
Federalist party
Why did Jefferson resign from Washington's cabinet
He was upset by the u.s. policy toward france. He also felt that Hamilton was influencing the president's opinions about foreign policy issues and interfereing with Jefferson's role as sec. of state.
What is republican motherhood?
The idea that women played an important role in teaching their children to be good citizens
How many electors are there?
How many electors does Washington d.c. get?