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Head-shaped form, usually made of canvas-covered cork or Styrofoam, on which the wig is secured for fitting, cleaning, coloring and styling


Method of attaching hair extensions in which hair wefts or single strands are attached with an adhesive or bonding agent

Braid-and-sew Method

Attachment method in which hair extensions are secured to clients own hair by sewing braids or a weft onto an on-the-scalp braid or cornrow, which is sometimes called the track

Cap Wigs

Wigs constructed of elasticized, mesh-fiber bases to which the hair is attached

Capless Wigs

Also known as caps; machine-made from human or artificial hair which is woven into rows of wefts. Wefts are sewn to elastic strips in a circular pattern to fit the head shape

Fallen Hair

Hair that has been shed from the head or gathered from a hairbrush, as opposed to hair that has been cut; the cuticles of the strands will move in different directions (opposite of turned or Remi hair)

Fusion Bonding

Method of attaching extensions in which the extension hair is bonded to the clients own hair with a bonding material that is activate by heat from a special tool

Hair Extensoins

Hair additions that are secured to the base of the clients natural hair in order to add length, volume, texture or color


Small wig used to cover the top or crown of the head, or a hair attachment of some sort

Hand-tied Wigs

Also known as hand-knotted wigs; wigs made by inserting individual strands of hair into a mesh foundations and knotting them with a needle

Integration Hairpiece

Hairpieces that has openings in the base through which the clients own hair is pulled to blend with the hair (natural or synthetic) of the hairpiece

Machine-made Wigs

Wigs made by machine by feeding wefts through a sewing machine and then sewing them together to form the base and shape of the wig

Semi-hand-tied Wigs

Wigs constructed with a combination of synthetic hair and hand-tied human hair


Small wig used to cover the top and crown of the head

Turned Hair

Also called Remi hair; the root end of every single strand is sewn into the base, so that the cuticles of all hair strands move in the same direction: down


Long strip of human or artificial hair with a threaded edge


Artificial covering for the head consisting of a network of interwoven hair