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Kellogg Reading

women and innocence---to many girls try to imitate older women and lose their "innocence", beauty of women, sex ed book for women, "flower buds" and reproduction

Satan and Society

boys and the lack of religion and restraint from sex, school is to blame for sexual vices,

The Kiss

kissing customs vary around the world,

Human Sexual Response Cycle

effects of sexual stimulation on males and females

Sexual Desire and Gender

Desire, bodies are the site for passionate experience, genders differ on sexual desire, sexuality is a spectrum

Sexuality and social theorizing

theories can help us understand sexual behaviors, freud----father of psychosexuality

primary sexual characteristics

sexual differences present at birth

secondary sexual characteristics

differentiation of the body under influence of sex hormones.

testosterone effects

growth of body hair, facial hair, upper body width, muscle mass, growth larynx,

estrogen effects

growth of nipples and breasts, increased pelvic width, softened skin, fat depostion in hips and thighs,

endosex female

possesses a vagina, labia, clitoris, ovaries, uterus, XX, estrogen dominated

endosex male

possesses a penis, scrotum, testes, prostate, XY, testosterone dominant hormone

cis gender identity

gender mataches primary sex characteristic

ipso gender identity

matches social sex assignment at birth differs from primary sex characteristics

trans gender identity

gender id doesnt match social sex assignment at birth

gender conforming expresssion

self presentation in accord with normative gender role expectations of society

androgynous expression

self presentation which doesnt align strongly with male or female roles


attracted to men


attracted to women


attracted to people androynously gendered


attracted to people independent of any particular sex or gender


physcial body characteristics


societies social ideas about masculinity and femininity

gender id

psychological phenomoneon


examining social forces that shape individuals and groups

social construction

shaping of practices, understanding and feelings by social influences


scientific study of sex

19th century sexologists

anatomists of sex organs, sexual perversions

ernst graffenberg

named the g spot

richard von krafft

wrote book in latin, finding perversions and writing it down

20th century sexologists

documents normal practices and treating those who deviated from them

Human sexual response cycle

unaroused, excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

integrative view

interaction of both biological and social factors shape views of sex

Tiefer critiques of human response cycle

leaves out sexual interest or desire

what triggers sexual acitivty is never addressed

resembles male fantasy


art of persuasion

(debates, ads)

Middle Ages and Intellectual history

political authority:divine rights

social: set at birth

epistemology (source of knowlege)religious

Enlightenment and Intellectual history

political authority: granted by ruled

social: meritocracy

epistemology: applying reason to natural rule

Hobbes on state of nature

war of all against all

life is nasty brutish and short

people leave nature to join civilization

Rousseau on nature

admired the "noble savage:

nature is good and civilization corrupts pure and good natural impulses

good science

good assumptions, reliable, valid, significant, no bias

The Egg and Sperm article

lots of sperm, no intentions, goals, awareness of another,

egg: passive, wasteful, queenly, need to be rescued, more sperm than eggs get wasted, eggs no more or less goal oriented than sperm

Bringing Intersexy Back

goal of surgeries to have sexual pleasure, penetrative heterosexual sex

many intersex individuals celibate, couldnt feel sex, ashamed and angry


have bodies that match binary sex ideology

heterosexual paradigm

normal person's id arise from desire for person of opposite sex and only that sexual desire is based on pair bonding, marriage, and procreation

Greeks and sexuality

preference for boys, girls no more significant than preference for thin/fat

Sexual relations in Greece: social inferiors

girls: between puberty and menopause

boys: citizen from 1st beard, hair (full growth) slaves: slave men from puberty through middle age

stigmatized act in Greece

adult man submitting to another (inferior)

ordinary acts:

pausarias: earthly love, penetrate available boy or girl to enjoy orgasm

superior acts

Urania:: heavenly love, aesthetic urge to immerse in ideal of beauty no goal of orgasm

Greeks and intersex

supremely beautiful and desirable

embodying hermaphrodie

Colonial paradigm

sexual desire deadly sing of lust

conolonial sexual categorization

procreative, marital sex that is lust free

Colonial love



Love for spouse

Victorian sexuality

separate spheres Public and private (men and women)

men had lust

women were passionless (asexuality common)


affection from friends of same gender

Postwar 1950s

homosexuality was a mental illness

compulsory heterosexuality: husbands and wives PDA, socialized, showed attraction

mentor mentee relationships

socially sanctioned between adult male and teenage male who he educated, introduced into politics, and had sexual relations

4 sexual perversions

monosexual: mastrubates

homosexual: same gender

heterosexual: other gender with lust

heterogenits: sex with animals

Dr. James Kiernan

heterosexual has male desire and female desires

Raffalovich article

suppression of homosexuality, heterosexuality no better than homosexuality, both based on lust, cant satisfy family, community, domestic needs, and sexual urges

why did the heterosexual paradigm replace reproductive paradigm?

Changes in gender roles, women seeking to leave private sphere


not accepting natural place heterosexuality has defined fro them, unresolved electra complex

ultimate new woman

flapper, radical 1920s, short hair, skirts, drinking, dancing, dating

costs of heterosexuality for feminists

lost claim to moral superiority

opened to new attack, charges of lesbianism

capitalism and hetero

sober, protestant, hard work, invest, spend little


womb disorder

paralysis of limbs, muteness, burts of shouting, shaking, fainting


pleasure prinicpal, infantile, insatiable,


social rules internalized


part of mind that negotiates between id and superego, desire and duty


desire to have all sense pleased in whatever way possible,

oral stage

first primary source of pleasure is mouth

breastfeeding most charged of oral pleasures

anal stage

satisfaction combo of going with control over ones body

genital stage

erotic attachment to mother

triggers family drama

electra complex

girls libidinal attachement is to mother and hence homosexual,

rape in colonial america

punishable by death but only if commited against a married woman, engaged or girl under 10

After the Revoluation

separation of church and state, shift in attitudes on sexuality-----> public law to private morality

deregulation of sexuality

enforcement of laws against adultery drops off

divorce continues

Great Awakening

individual, religious responsibility, unmediated by church or state


freedomism, believe pursuit of happiness, ben franklin-hellfire club


growth of cities

surveillance implausible

cities=sexual sin


leave farms for factories


unmarried adult women

childrens labor

children were laborers therefore couples wanted as many kids as they could

bundling wars

earliest postrevolutionary battle over famililal control, permitted bundling against reformers who said it promoted fornication


women were courted then abandoned

Victorian women's passion

maternity romanticize of mother and child relationship

fallen women

passionlessness protected but ruined those who made mistake

rejected from polite society, turned to prostitution

justifying abortion

treatment of blocked menstration


moved from religious authorities to depending on science for answers

machine age

society is a mechanism and have to fine tune, follow doctors advice on how to keep your body healthy

economic frame

movement form farm labor to paid labor

vital energy

bodies run on vital energy and you have to budget that energy

orgasm discharged all vital energy

marital continence

discharge limited to procreation once a month

dangers of discharge

skin conditions, pimples, poor vision, think and weak, infertility, headache, insanity

fear of onanism

useless discharge of vital energy, dangerous but also disgusting and a moral outrage

beauty and self control

victorians associated purity with beauty

clinics and the treatment of onansim

cure it through healthy diet

slyvester graham

believed meats and spiced aroused system and lead to onanism

inventer of the graham cracker

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

owned a popular sanatoria

wrote pamphlets about onansim

created flaked corn and wheat to prevent excitation

CW Post

grape nuts

patient of kellogg


coffee substitute to open a new market, link between caffiene and onanism

involuntary patients of sanitoria

onanistic insanity most common diagnosis