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Which Ribbon is used to modify the layout
of a SmartArt design?
SmartArt Tools Design
Which display shows an entire slide and
also displays the title, status and task bars?
What are the small circles and squares
called that surround a picture that has been
inserted into a slide?
Adjustment levers
In PowerPoint 2010, which term refers to a
picture, shape, design, graph, chart, or
diagram inserted into a slide?
The amount of space before and after each
paragraph in a document is known as:
Paragraph spacing
Which area in the Print dialog box is used
to change the printer?
Printer Status Dropdown
When items in a list need to stay
in a particular order, which type of
emphasis will be used?
In a presentation, which effect adds interest
to a slide show and focuses audience
attention on important points by adding
entrances, emphasis, motion paths, or exits
to text or objects?
Which of the following includes
illustrations, movies, sounds, and stock
photography stored in collections for easy
access from both a user's local machine and
the Microsoft website?
Which command is used to test animations
on a slide before delivering the
Which command enables a user to choose
from a wide range of animation options?
Add Animation
What is the purpose of using the corner
resizing handles to resize a graphic?
To proportionately resize the graphic
What are the faint blue, dashed lines that
appear as you drage an object toward a
drawn shape when the edges or center of
the object are aligned?
Smart Guides
Explanatory comments or references that
appear at the end of a Microsoft Word 2010
document are known as:
Which command is used to record the time
a presenter spends on each slide in order to
run the show automatically in the future?
Rehearse Timings
The row of dots between tabbed text is
called a:
Dot leader
What controls the variety of fonts, colors,
and other visual effects available within a
When saving a presentation that will be
exported to Microsoft Word 2010, which
file type should be selected?
What command is used to color a shape
that you have drawn on a slide?
Shape Fill
Which tab shows a multilevel list of the
titles and text of each slide in the
Which option indicates that a presentation
should wait for a mouse click prior to
moving to the next slide?
On Mouse Click
In PowerPoint 2010, where is the command
located to undo the last action?
Quick Access Toolbar
What is the link location within the same
presentation, a different presentation, or a
page on the World Wide Web called?
Applied with one click, which Microsoft
2010 command enables an entire set of
formatting choices?
Quick styles
What is inserted into a slide to illustrate
and compare data from a spreadsheet?
The process of rearranging information in
alphabetical order in a table is called:
Adding emphasis to a list of items in a
Mircosoft Word 2010 document is
considered what type of formatting?
Resizing a graphical image is:
What is the most common format that
Microsoft uses for short sound clips?
What is the coordinated set of colors, fonts,
and other design elements that are applied
to components of a presentation called?
When printing a PowerPoint 2010
presentation, which print setting enables
multiple slides to be printed on one page?
The group of commands used to create a
document merge is on which ribbon?
What is the name of the list of frequently
used commands that appears when you
right-click an object?
Shortcut menu
What group on the Picture Tools Format
Ribbon enables a user to apply picture
effects to a graphic?
Picture Styles
Which Microsoft 2010 feature marks and
follows revisions made in a document by
other users?
Track Changes
Which commonly used animation effect
makes text on a slide appear for the first
time in the presentation?
Which type of presentation is used to teach
an audience how something works or helps
them understand a process or procedure?
Features included in Microsoft Word 2010
documents such as footnotes and captions
are found on which ribbon?
Which ribbon includes desktop publishing
features in Microsoft Word 2010
Insert ribbon, Text group
The positioning of graphics in a specific
place and specific line of a document is
referred to as:
How do you select an entire table?
Click the table move handle.
What is the text that appears on every slide
but depending on the theme applied may
not always appear at the bottom of a slide?
What are placeholders that direct
Microsoft Word 2010 where to insert
customized information in order to create
several letters in a final merged document?
Merge fields
Which area is used to view a portion of a
document on the screen?
Document window
What area contains the command to
automatically advance slides during a slide
Transitions ribbon, Timing group
Which Ribbon provides the command to
split selected cells in a table into multiple
Table Tools Layout
When creating a custom slide show, which
dialog box enables a user to select
individual slides to include in the custom
slide show?
Define Custom Show
Which is the process of navigating to a
specific location in a document such as
a line number?
Go to
If you include more text in a slide than will
fit in the slide placeholder, which
PowerPoint 2010 feature adjusts the line
spacing and font size of the text to
accommodate it?
What command is used to quit the current
presentation on screen and quit the
PowerPoint 2010 program?
What appears on a slide to indicate there is
a note or remark about the slide and the
initials of the person who made the note?
Comment thumbnail
Which is NOT a document that is created
using Microsoft Word 2010?