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Shapes of prokaryotic cells.
a. Rods- Bacilli

b. Rounds- Cocci

c. Spirals-Suiburio, Sprillia,Spirochetes

Diplo- 2

Strepto- chain

Cluster- Staphylo

with no walls, many shapes
Flagella: swimming movement
Mono-trichous– single flagellum at one end Lophotrichous–small bunches emerging from the same site Amphitrichous–flagella at both ends of cell Peritrichous–flagella dispersed over surface of cell
What is Fimbrie?
Fine, protein, hairlike bristles

Function is sticking to other cells and surfaces.

What is Pili?
Rigid tubes made of pilin protein.

what is Glycocalyx?

Coatingof molecules external to the cell wall, made of sugars and/or proteins

• Twotypes:

1. Slim layer - loosely organized and attached

2. Capsule - highly organized, tightly attached•Theslim layer is for sticking onto surfaces

•Andthe capsule is for hiding from the immune system.

Gram Positive Stain

staining is purple Pos= Purple

Many thick peptidoglycan layers

Teichoic Acid

Gram Negative Stain

Thin peptidoglycan

Outer membrane

Lipotecichloic acid

with lipopoly saccharaide

Toxic immune response

Plasma Membrane

Gate keeper for material crossing inand out

Outer to inner communication


-water, protein (cytoskeleton- forms a gel and contains lots of enzymes ad nutrients and wastes, compounds that communicate.

Plasma membrane


builds proteins out ofamino acids (about 20 different)

The RNA carries instructions that are made from the DNA to showthe order.

Inclusion Granules:
Store nutrients- glycogen and phosphates
Where gentic material is found, DNA area of the cell Primary center for DNA transcription, and replication occur Contain protein and enzymes and RNA. Always circular
Only in a few Gram positive pods

for survival in harsh climates, they will germinate when no longer needed.