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the melting pot

the salad bowl

the variety of races and demographics among employees and customers

ethical and racial differences blended into american culture

each culture keeps its own unique identity, but has a sense of common national identity

affirmative action vs diversity

purposeful steps taken by the employer to create employment opportunities for minorities/women. often controversial. enforced by law.

diversity is not a policy

surface level diversity

deep level diversity

social integration

differences that are observable: sex, age, race

personality, differences, attitudes, beleifs

the degree to which people are physcoligically attracted to working with each other

attitude: components

cognitive component

affective component

behavioral component

a collection of beleifs, tendencies towards a certain group, object, events

a persons thoughts or opinions about something (knowledge)

a persons feelings and emotions (emotions)

a persons reaction towards an object (reactions)

gender (sex ) category

glass ceiling

women who are pregnant, may become, childbirth, are protected

invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing their positions at work




genetic traits

cultural factors

color of skin


mental or physical impairment

awareness training

skills based diversity training

designed to raise employees awareness of diversity issues

training that teaches workers the practical skills they need to manage a diverse work force:

adaptation, problem solving, negotiation

diversity audits

diversity pairing

minority experiences for top executives

formal assessments that measure employee and management attitudes about diversity

a mentoring program that pairs people of different races, ethnicity, color to help them get over stereotypes

have top executives experience what its like to be a minority