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Organizational behavior
the study of individuals and groups in organizations
contingency approach
finds ways to meet the needs of different management situations.
a collection of people working together in a division of labor to achieve a common purpose
a comprehensive plan that guides organizations to operate in ways that allow them to outperform their competitors
open systems
transform human and material resource inputs into finished goods
people and gorups wit an interest or stake in the performance of the organization
organizational culture
the shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members
workforce diversity
differences based on gender, race, age, able bodiedness and sexual orientation
organizational effectiveness
sustainable high performance in accomplishing mission and objectives-
formally responsible for supporting the work efforts of other people
effective manager
a manager whose team consistently achieves high performance goals
task performance
the quantity and quality of work produced
job satisfaction
a positive feeling abotu a persons work and work setting
4 functions of management
planning organizing leading and controlling
choosing goals and the way to achieve them
creates structures and work systems
inspiring people to work hard and finish their tasks
monitering performance and making sure to have good results
managerial mindset
an attitude or frame of mind that opens up new vistas. mindsets: reflective, analytic, worldly, collaborative, and action
technical skill
an ability to perform specialized tasks
human skill
the ability to work well wit hother people
emotional intelligence
the ability to understand and deal with a persons emotions
conceptual skill
the ability to analyze and solve complicated problems
enduring change in behavior that results fro mexperience
organizational learning
the process of getting knowledge and using info to adapt successfully to changing circumstances