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Flatter structures have ______Hierarchies and ________-

“Fewer and more”

4 major functions of management-

Panning, Organizing, Controlling,Leading

3 managerial roles-

interpersonal informational anddecisional

Frederick Taylor is famous for

Scientific management.

Hawthorne effect-

Tendency of those singled out are more subjectto high performance

Maslow’s theory of needs-

First three on bottom and the top Second twoon top

Which these are not alternative views of ethics-


Business’ obligation to worry about themselves and societyaround them-

Corporate responsibility

What is Triple bottom line profit, people_________?


When a company participates in social corporateresponsibility and people responding causing the company to participate in moreSCM

The virtuous cycle

Employees have bad ethical behavior then the manageris_______


What are 3 stages of moral development according to Kholberg(In order of most development to least)

Post conventional- Conventional,pre conventional

Company with superior technology has a __________?

Competitive advantage

What environment type has the most complexity?

High uncertainty, High rate ofchange

The tolerance of unequal power in a culture is

Power distance

Degree in which culture values long term goals vs.short-term goals

Time orientation

A culture with mixed norms and a high tolerance fordeviation


What is not areason companies go global?

Worriedabout local unemployment rates

Confusion and discomfort when entering a new culture


Girl gets fired starts own company and can’t find employmentelsewhere and start business to make money

necessity based entrepreneur

Not a trait of entrepreneur

Low tolerance of uncertainty

Family business problem of who will take over next

succession problem

A chance that if the right action is taken can enhance thecompany

Performance opportunity

Decision making with limited info

Bounded rationality

continuingto take course of action even though it’s notworking

Escalation of commitment

Focus only on info that confirms held belief

Confirmation bias

First step of planning process

Determine objectives or goals

Planning process is not done until

Results are analyzed and plan isrevised

Another name for challenging goal but attainable goal

stretch goal

Attempting to predict future events


McDonald’s ensures suppliers meet specification before theysend them


Influencing others using clan control


Focus intentions on areas needed the most

management by exception

What focuses on strength weaknesses opportunities and threats?


BCG Matrix focuses on stars cash cows dogs and questionmarks takes criteria to count based on market shares and market ____

Growth (has nothing to do w/knowing what dogs, cash cows, ect. are)

When a company isin need of radical change what is the general action

retrenchment and restructuring

When a company has a change in management what is typicallyhappening


A company’s competitive business strategy offers a uniqueproject is called what


When a company promotes empowerment it is doing what

Decentralizing power

When a company has many hierarchal levels, rules, and strongauthority what kind of organization is it


Employees that report to one manager is manager’s ______

Span of control

What is the structure that uses the two boss system?

Matrix Structure

What form of structure is often “taken for granted”?

Informal organization structure

Formal structures printed rules and policies are what


What is the order of organizational change?

Unfreezing, change, refreezing

A manager that tries to implement change-using coercion doesNOT.

Take input

When trying to persuade someone rationally we use what?

Expert power

What is not a duty of the human resource management?

To educate employees (other optionswere attract, develop, and maintain)

If a company can prove that a specific kind of employeehelps sales then this is an example of:

Bona fide occupationalqualification

During an interview you give someone the complete portraitof the job it is considered what?

Realistic job premium

Reliability is to ______ as validity is to ________ ,

Consistency, measures results**

Think of a time when you got in a conflict with someone,what did you do? What kind of interview question is this?


What is the order of progression leadership theories?

Trait, behavioral, situational,inspirational

When giving an employee a job review it is important tofocus more on their _____ and less on their ________

Behavior, traits**

Charismatic and transformational are what kind of leader?


What is not a positive of an inspirational leader?

They lack follower dissent

When is it notacceptable to make an authority decision?

When you need the support of youremployees to be successful

A systematic attempt to influence how others perceive us

Impression management

If you are able to comprehend and are able to manage yourown and others emotions one would say you have a high ______

Emotional intelligence

What is the acronym of the big 5 personality traits?


Introversion leader is more successful than an extroversionleader when their employees are _____

Motivated** I don’t know if theword is actually motivated but it is because your employees are willing to workon their own

What is NOT a component of an individual person?


It has been proven that _______ amount of conflict can beproductive –


You try to improve the work environment by removingsomething unpleasant, what is this called?


How is someone who is under rewarded most likely to act?

Work less, sabotage, and check out

What are the stages of team development in order?

Forming, storming, norming,performing, adjourning

When a team breaks into smaller groups and sub cliques iscalled what?

Fault lines

How do you reduce the social loafing problem?

Give moreindividual recognition

Rate the channels of communication richness lowest tohighest?

Email, phone call, videoconferencing, face to face

When the person communicating intended message is fullyunderstood by the receiver is called what?

Effective communication

What does the myth ofthe fixed pie focus on?

Distributive negotiation