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Channel length: how many________am I working with?


Intermediaries AKA?

Distribution channel members.

Downstream channel

Marketer - - - > customer


Upstream channel

Source of Timber - - - - > marketer

*cost saving and competition.

Ex: short channel

21st century insurance - - > consumers

Medium channel

Callaway golf clubs - - - >retail stores----> consumers

Is it smart to add intermediaries?

If it makes process efficient and cost effective yes.

Marketers have to pick most appropriate ______ length.


Greatest level of benefits for_________ cost.


What do channel members do? Selling functions:

-Advertising by their retailers

-Generating & qualifying leads: prospective buyers

What do channel members do? Order management:

-Filling orders

-holding inventors



-transport & delivery

What do channel members do?


-offer credit

-collects accounts receivable

What do channel members do?

Post-Sales service

-product training


-assisting with applications

-handling product returns

-repairing product