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The primary organ of the male reproductive system is the ?
The function of the male reproductive system is
Produce and delivery sperm to the female reproductive tract, make androgens (male hormones- testosterone)
Where do the testis originate in embryological terms
Near the developing kidneys
What is the name of the cord that guides the testes into the scrotum during fetal development?
Where is sperm made?
seminiferous tubules
Where is testosterone made? (location and cell)
interstitial tissue, interstitital cells (also called Leydig cells)
How many SETS of chromosomes do humans have?
Two sets, 2N chromosomes, one set from mother, one from father
How many chromosomes do humans have?
46, or 23 pairs, one from mother, one from father
What do we call making an exact copy of chromosomes and then dividing the cell into two cells?
What is the process of copying chromosomes to make sex cells called?
Are two identical copies of the chromosomes made in meiosis?
NO! the copies are not identical (thanks to crossover)
What is the process of enabling sperm to fertilize the egg called?
What part of the sperm does capacitation change?
the acrosome
What part of the sperm contains enzymes that allow it to penetrate the egg's protective barrier?
the acrosome
What is the fluid that comes from the urethra during ejaculation called?
Semen pH?
Sperm use ___________ for energy?
scrotum function?
lower temperature of testis
What branch of the nervous system causes erection?
Parasympathetic Nervous System
What branch of the nervous system causes ejaculation?
Sympathetic Nervous System
After ejaculation erection is impossible for a time. This is called the?
Refractory period
What hormone controls sperm production?
FSH (formation of Sperm Hormone - not really, but good memory aid
What hormone controls testosterone production?
LH (in the male referred to as ICSH - interstitial cell stimulating hormone, remember - interstitial cells make testosterone)
Effects of testosterone? (know them when you see them)
Increased growth of body hair, enlargement of the larynx, thickening of the skin, increased muscular growth, thickening and strengthening of the bones, increased RBC, stimulating sexual activity in the brain
Crossover is a process found in (meiosis, mitosis, both?)
meiosis only
Metaphase is found in (meiosis, mitosis, both?)
both meiosis and mitosis
Pairing of homologous chromosomes (same chromosome number) is found in (meiosis, mitosis, both?)
How many pairs of chromosomes are found in sperm or egg? *(gametes)
One pair, 23 chromosomes total

What happens in the epididymis?

Sperm are matured, and become motile

What does the prostate contribute to semen?

Alkaline fluid

What do the seminal vesicles add to semen?

Fructose (sperm nutrition) and prostaglandins (stimulate muscle contraction in female reproductive tract.

What is a gamete?

A human sex cell- sperm or egg.

Normal sperm volume and count?

approximately 100 million / ml

normal volume 3-5 ml