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Like poles repel

Opposite poles attract


Attract Iron


Natural magnets


Can break up with heat or violence

Soft iron:

Has domains, but usually they aren't ordered


Easy to pivot magnet that aligns with the Earth

How to make a compass:

Magnet, needle, cork

Force on moving charges....

are perpendicular to both magnetic field and direction of motion

If a charged particle moves from the bottom of the board to the the top, and the magnetic field is coming out of the board, the force is in the...

Left-right direction

Force on current carrying wires..

is the same as moving charges

Charges are moving IN the wires

Electromagnetic Induction:

Move a magnet through a coil, get a voltage

Faraday's Law:

Voltage increases with size of loops, number of loops, and how quickly the magnetic field changes.


It's not how strong a magnetic field is, but how fast it is changing!

(A strong field can help it change faster)

Energy Conservation:

Magnet doesn't want to go into loop


Motors running backwards

More resistance attached, harder to turn


Primary and secondary coils

Side with more coils has higher voltage BUT lower current

MUST have changing current to work

Ignition system:

Really fast changing current

1. Breaker points cause fast change in primary

2. Lots of turns in secondary

3. Big voltage in secondary

4. Spark plug fires

When a bar magnet is thrust into a coil of copper wire, the coil tends to

Repel the magnet as it enters

A transformer actually transforms...