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Ache Inks High Sped

A King sized bed

Ail Huck Each Arm

A lucky charm

Honey Duck Hiss

I need a kiss

Pretty Shack Scent

British Accent

Ape Hand Hub Hair

A panda bear

Abe Who Beat Wrap

A Booby Trap

Ease Ace Life Ox

He's a sly fox

Easel Aid Ease Man

He's A Lady's Man

Wander Her Womb Hen

Wonder women

Abe Less Sing

A blessing

Ache Hatter Mid Words

Academy awards

Ache Wrist Muck Air Hull

A Christmas Carol

Sew Pop Hurrarhs Tar

Sope Ophera star

We Loaf Ore Chin

Wheel of fortune

Disguise They'll Him It

The sky's The limit

Gnome Ore mist her nice thy

No more mister nice guy

Nosed Ring Sat Hatched

No strings attached

Laws Din Trance Lay Sjin

Lost in translation

Europe Lay Sore mind

Your place or mine

Dawn Dutch Mice Tough

Don't touch my stuff

Ease sung gopher

Hes hungover

High Dance Eek

Hide and seek

Hoop Side hid Dit toe gain

Woops I did it again

Rot into thick oar

Rotten to the core

Thief act huff them mat her

The fact of the matter

Thesis sawn who tomb he

This is all knew to me

Whole imp pig aims

Olympic games

Thief hears late he

The first lady

Sea yule hater

See you later

How why inn sir fur

Hawaiian surfer

Heap herb high deed dosent

Cheaper by the dozen

Why em tea hay


Poise tomb hen

Boyd to men

Keen sick more rhea

Queen victoria

Jack hob sat or re-ass

Jacob sartorious

Day kid bow wee

David bowie

Noose pay Perry port

Newspaper report