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disregard; renounce
calm; soothe
greedy; acquisitive
naive; gullible
lonely; abandoned
backbiting; belittling
tiny; miniature
obstacle; obstruction
ban; taboo
thoughtful; sage
praiseworthy; commendable
made friends; brought together
make up for; atone
desire for pleasure or indulgence
describe the first illusion and its warning
an armored head appears and says to beware of macduff
decribe the second illusion and its warning
a bloody child appears and says be ruthless, bold, decisive, laugh scornfully. no man born to a women can harm Macbeth
decribe the third illusion and its warming
a crowned child with a tree in his hand. states Macbeth will never be defeated Until great biram woods
the witches show macbeth a long line of kings who all look like banquo. why does this upset macbeth?
reinforces the prophecy that banquos sons will be king
after learning that macduff has fled to England what does macbeth plan to do
he will murder his wife, children and all those who follow him
according to lady macduff why did her husband flee to England
he does not love them; no father instinct, he acts out of fear, he is insane
according to ross how has Macbeth's rule affected people
fear and tretory; rumors and uncertainty
does macduffs son believe that there are more honest men or liars in the world? which of the two groups should do better in the world and why
the son believes that there are more liars. they can avoid being killed by beating up honest men
how does malcolm describe the suffering of the scots under Macbeth rule
whole country is suffering; everyone loooking ovrr their shoulder
when Malcolm asks why macduff left his family unprotected what was his reaction
he gets offended and starts to leave
what has the king of england loaned to the rebels
ten thousand soilders and the best general
what has the king of england loaned to the rebels
ten thousand soilders and the best general
whom does macduff blame for his families death
macduff blames himself for leaving them there unprotected. he puts his country in front of his family