Theme Of Manliness In Macbeth

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Manliness is a trait that many people connect to those that are brave and vigorous. Showing your true feeling to others would strip this trait away. Using this information, William Shakespeare designed his characters to use manliness as a tool of manipulation rather than using it for the true meaning. In the tragedy Macbeth, Shakespeare demonstrates that the way characters view manliness has a great affect on their actions. Macbeth, and Lady Macbeth use manliness as a tool to kill, but Macduff understands the truth of what is means to be a man. Initially, Lady Macbeth wants to have the same qualities as a man. Secondly, the newly crowned king tries to prove to his wife that he is a man. In addition, Lady Macbeth tries to undermine her husband …show more content…
Macbeth wants to kill Macduff so there no possible way for him to be overthrown. Macbeth sends killers to Macduff 's house and has his wife and children murdered. Macduff is not at his home but is in England raising a new army to overthrow Macbeth and take back Scotland. When Malcolm bring the news of the deaths of his family members to Macduff he finds it troubling to tell him the truth. When he finally does Macduff shows his true feelings: “I shall do so, / But i must also feel it as a man”(4.3.220-221). Malcolm tells Macduff to use this to his advantage and face Macbeth. Malcolm thinks that killing Macbeth would make his friend a man. Macduff disagrees and shows that it is ok for men to show emotion. He has to feel the pain that his family had faced when they were murdered. Noticing the pain and reflecting on is the true way to be a man. Men like others cry and are sad and that it is acceptable to show to others. The critic Jarold Ramsey notes that Macduff is the first character to portray the true meaning of being a man. She notes that, “Nowhere in the play is there a more cruel disjunction of the moral claims on “Man”, between a narrow crode of manliness, and a general “natural” humaneness”(Ramsey 296). This play has been solely based upon a showing the true meaning of being a man which means everything to a single character such as Macbeth. When his …show more content…
Shakespeare developed this tragedy in order for the characters to show their understanding of what it means to be a man. Lady Macbeth and her husband Macbeth both use manliness as a tool of manipulation, and as means to kill. Both using it for the wrong meaning. Macduff shows his true feeling when he hears the news about his wife and children. Being able to cry and have honor for his fallen family is the true meaning of being a man. Some readers may find themselves puzzled by the way these characters misinterpret manliness. The way that a person is socialized has a very big impact on their understanding of words especially when it comes to talking about

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