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What are the components of the lymphatic system?
1. Lymph nodes
2. Lymph Vessels(collector)
3. Thymus Gland
4. Spleen
5. Tonsils
6. Peyers Patches (intestinal lining)
7. Lymphocytes (White Blood Cells)
What are the functions of the lymphatic system?
**1. Return protein to the Cardiovascular system.
**2. Remove excess fluid from interstitium
3. Intestinal lymph vessels transport fat (Chyle)
4. Detoxifies
What is the difference between lymph capillaries and blood capillaries?
1.Lymph capillaries are larger.
2. No valves
3. Able to absorb interstitial fluid.
4. Forms a plexus throughout body.
What is interstitial fluid?
Protein and water
What is the main purpose of the lymph capillaries?
To absorb interstitial fluid as necessary.
What is a lymph collector?
**String of pearls** NO PUMP
A LYMPH VESSEL resembles veins but have thinner walls and moves in shorter intervals. They also prevent the return of fluid.
What direction does a lymph collector move?
Distal to Proximal
What is a lymph angion?
***Dripping Sink**
The SMALLEST functional unit of the lymph collector bordered by a distal and proximal valve.
Which blood vessels contain valves?
Which part of the lymph vascular system contains valves?
Lymph collectors
What does the term "lymphatic watershed" mean?
A specific region which lymph fluid flows to.
What is the root area (region) of the axillary lymph nodes?
Upper body & extremities
Mammory Glands
What is the root area (region) of the inguinal lymph nodes?
Trunk below naval line
lumbar and gluteal region
external genitals and lower extremities.
What are inter-axillary anastomoses?
The channels that connect each side of the body.
Where in the body do we find the axillo anastomosis?
near the sternum