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1. What form is used for a survey?
c. DD200
2. What form & number is used for SERVMART?
3. What document must accompany a SERVMART Shopping List?
DD 1348 Money Value Only
What are the different classifications of personal effects?
Organizational clothing, uniforms, money, Negotiable NON-Negotiable Instruments, Miscellaneous Personal Items
5. Name different types of inventories?
b. Velocity, Random Sampling, Bulkhead to Bulkhead, Specific Commodity, Special Material, Spot, Location Audits
6. What gas cylinder is green with a white stripe?
c. Aviators Oxygen
7. What is OPTAR fund Category 20 (OFC-20)?
c. Supplies & Equipage (S & E)
8. How many sections are in the Afloat Shopping Guide?
c. 3
9. What account material is non-chargeable?
a. Appropriation Purchases Account Material
10. What is the NAVSUP form 1220-2 used for?
c. Allowance Change Request
11. What is chapter 8 of the NAVSUP P-485?
c. Special Material
What do the first four digits to a Navy Item Control (NICN) usually consists of?
b. FSC
13. What is the NAVSUP P-4998 used for?
b. Requisitioning food and parts overseas.
14. What is the (NCB) country code of Italy?
b. 15
15. What is the (NCB) country code of United Kingdom?
b. 99
What is fund code Y6 used for?
c. APA non-chargable material
17. What is Allowance Note Code N?
b. Maintenance Assistance Modules (MAMS)
18. What is Unit of issue HK?
a. Hank
19. What is status code BG?
c. One of the requisition fields were changed.
20. What country is assigned NCB 20?
a. United Arab Emirates
21. When are external MOV’S received?
b. Quarterly on the 20th .
22. What is the NAVSUP P-545?
c. DLR Requisitioning Carcass Tracking.
23. What gas is contained in an orange cylinder?
b. Freon
24. What is SNAP report 45/ R-SUP JSL307
b. Technical Edit Listing.
What priority is assigned to a requisition with a UND “A” and in FAD III?
c. 03
Within how many days after receipt of presentation silver must an inventory report be submitted to NAVSUP?
b. 60
27. Whom may accept gifts (Presentation Silver) in excess of $ 50,000?
c. Secretary of The Navy
How often must Presentation Silver valued less than 50K be inventoried?
c. Biannually odd years in month of March.
29. What document identifier is used for Material Obligation Validation (MOV) Response?
b. AP1
30. What Part and section of the COSAL is only found on CD?
31. What is the standard size of a Pallet?
a. 40” X 48”
What is the Publication number for the Naval Logistics Library CD ROM?
c. P600
33. What is Federal Supply Group 67?
a. Photographic Equipment
34. What is the Federal Supply Group for tires?
a. 26
35. What NAVCOMPT Manual Volume and Chapter list all UIC’S?
36. In What Volume and Appendix of NAVSUP P-485 are Project Codes found?
a. 6
37. What Advice Code is used for a DLR Remain in Place (RIP) item?
c. 5S
38. What is status code BQ?
b. Cancelled by requisitioner
39. What is status code BD?
c. Being delayed
40. Define DOC ID AFC.
a. Follow up request with improved ESD
41. Define DOC ID AS1.
a. Shipment status
42. What BK response code is used when CARCASS was turned in under a different document number?
a. B
43. Define SM&R code PAODD.
b. Procured, Organizational maintenance remove/ replace, Depot repair & condemn.
44. How many digits are in an HM&E APL?
c. 9
45. What does the first position of the Cognizant Code indicate?
a. Stores Account
46. What is Allowance Type Code 1?
What is document identifier AT1?
a. Follow up, treat as original requisition if no record exists.
48. What is the Federal Supply Group for tractors?
a. 24
49. What is the Federal Supply Group for live animals?
c. 88
50. What fund code is used for NAVSEA OPN Outfitting?
c. VO
51. What advice code is used for Do Not Substitute?
c. 2B
52. What is signal code “A”?
b. Ship To Bill To Requsitioner
53. Define supply condition code “A”.
c. Serviceable Issue
54. Define supply condition code “F”.
b. Unserviceable Repairable
55. What is the maximum response time for processing a request with UND “A”?
a. 1 hour
56. How many demands are required for an item to qualify as DBI?
a. 2 In Six Months or 3 in Twelve Months
57. On a large deck ship what is S-6 division?
c. Aviation Support
58. What is form NAVSUP 1075?
a. Stock Locator/ Inventory Card
59. What is allowance type code 4?
a. Demand Based Item
60. What ASD division duties include expediting?
b. PMU
61. What type of material is procured when the fund code 2nd position is 9?
c. Lubricants, HAZMAT
62. In aviation supply what code identifies the system, subsystem, or component?
a. Type Equipment Code
63. Units receive OPTAR funding from whom.
c. Type Commander
64. In the fund code NU, what does the U indicate?
b. Services
65. When using a fund code of NB, the “B” designates What?
c. Repairables
66. What is NAVCOMPT form 2155?
a. Budget OPTAR Report
67. What is SSIC 7000 series?
a. Financial Management
68. What is document identifier X31?
c. Issue
69. When responding with a DI BK2, what response code is used to indicate turn in was made under the original document number?
a. A
70. What is DOC ID X71?
b. Receipt
71. What is allowance type code 9?
c. Substitute
72. Define status BN.
a. Requisition Processed as Free Issue
73. Who is responsible for procuring all equipment and supplies aboard ship?
c. Supply Officer
74. What form is used to procure fuel?
c. DD 1149
75. Publication NAVSO P-3013 is issued by what organization?
c. Navy Comptroller
76. Afloat Packaging procedures are found in what publication?
c. NAVSUP P-484
77. What is NAVSUP PUB P-487 used for?
c. Ships Store
78. What publication establishes equipage allowances for your ship?
c. NAVICP INST 4441.170.B
79. Normally, changes to a NAVSUP Manual are issued in what form?
c. Directives
80. What is the instruction SSICs found?
a. SECNAVINST 5210.11d
81. What is the total number of Navy SSIC subject groups?
b. 13
82. What subject does SSIC subject group 8000 cover?
a. Ordnance
83. What is the unit of issue code for Assortment?
b. AT
84. What is the unit of issue code for Packet?
a. PZ
85. What status code should be received that accepts a cancellation request from the requisitioner?
c. BQ
86. What status code is used for cancelled due to item being obsolete?
c. CJ
87. What mode of shipment code H?
a. Air Parcel Post
88. What supply condition code is used for an Unserviceable Repairable?
c. F
89. What is the publication number for Simplified Acquisition Program?
a. NAVSUP INST 4200.85
90. What document identifier is used for reduced billing of a DLR?
c. BK4
91. When item of material requires special inspection, testing, storage, or handling NAVSUP will assign what type of code?
92. What does an even numbered COG indicate?
b. NO Charge
93. Gas cylinders containing acetylene are painted what color?
c. Yellow
94. Onboard ship Maintenance Assistance Modules are assigned what allowance note code?
a. N
95. When using fund code SC, what type of material is being procured?
b. Consumables
What material control code(s) is used for Depot level Repairables?
b. H
97. What does Acquisition Advice Code V indicate?
c. Terminal Item
98. What does Acquisition Advice Code L indicate?
b. Local Purchase
99. How many parts are there to the COSAL?
b. 03
100. What allowance type code or codes are assigned to substitute items?
c. 9
101. Postal form PS-3806 is used for what?
c. Registered Mail Receipt.
102. What is Postal Service form PS-3533?
a. Application for Refund of Fees, Products, and Withdrawal of Customer Accounts.
103. Appointment of Military Postal Clerk or Mail Orderly is documented on what DD form?
b. DD-285
104. What DD form is used for the Unit Mail Orderly Designation Log?
a. DD Form 2260
105. A Report of Rifled shall be submitted on what PS form?
a. PS Form 673
106. What form is used for report of damaged insured and parcels?
107. PS Form 2976 is used for what?
a. Customs Senders Declaration.
108. What is the NAVSUP PUB P-486 used for?
c. Food Service
109. Onboard Ship a clothing storeroom falls under what group?
c. III
110. What is NAVSUP PUB P-722?
111. What is CHRIMP?
b. Consolidated Hazardous Reutilization Inventory Management Program.
112. Name three benefits of a successful CHRIMP?
a. Personnel Safety, Cost Savings, Environmental Protection
113. Define Cradle to Grave as it relates to HM?
a. Tracking of HAZMAT from Origin to Disposal.
114. The Postal Financial instruction is.
c. NAVSUPINST 5119.1
115. What number is assigned to the Naval Postal Instruction?
c. NAVSUPINST 5112.6
116. Name three levels of maintenance.
c. Depot, Organizational, Intermediate
117. In ASD what units fall under the Component Control Section?
c. Awaiting Parts Unit, LRCA Storage, DCU, Supply Screening Unit.
118. Onboard ship what group spaces must have a combination lock?
c. III
119. When preparing a continuing services document, what COG will be used?
b. 99
120. When preparing a continuing services document, what goes in the quantity column?
c. C9999
121. All key padlocks for Supply Spaces shall be what size and type?
b. 1 ½ Inch pin tumbler type.
122. Onboard ship Stock Control is what supply division?
c. S-1
123. In a line of accounting with first digits of 17, what does the 17 identify?
a. Navy
124. What is OPTAR Fund Category (OFC-01) use for?
a. Flight Operations
125. What Federal Supply Group is Cleaning Supplies?
c. 79
126. A tractor should operate with a maximum of how many sets of trailers?
c. 3
127. What device is equipped with horizontal bars and used to lift palletized loads by a crane or ships boom?
a. Pallet Sling
128. What is the Federal Supply Group for Live Animals?
c. 88
129. Shipboard Pre-expended bin material may not exceed what dollar value without Type Commander approval.
b. $ 100.
130. CASREPS document serial numbers will start with what character?
131. MAM’S are located in what part and section of the COSAL?
a. PT 3 SEC CF
132. PT I SEC C of the COSAL is listed in what sequence?
c. APL Sequence
133. What sequence are parts listed on in PT II SEC B of the COSAL ?
134. How often are SFOEDL’s produced?
b. Monthly
135. What is the acronym UOL?
c. Unfilled Order List.
136. How often is the UOL produced?
b. Monthly
137. What Appendix of the P485 are Logistics Management Codes found?
a. 9
138. What is SFOEDL challenge code B?
a. Wrong price copy of receipt enclosed.
139. What Material Control Code is used for field level repairables?
c. D
140. What are you indicating with a DI BK2 and D in CC 47?
c. No turn in will be made, should have been 5D advice code
141. Project Codes are found in what appendix of the NAVSUP P-485?
c. Appendix 6
142. What type of shelf life items are extendable?
143. What Type shelf life is shelf life action code UU used for?
144. What is signal Code A?
c. Ship to Bill to Requsitioner
145. What is Doc ID BKR?
b. Rejection of Respone to follow-up of CARCASS Shipment (BK2).
146. How many spare locks are required for shipboard supply spaces?
c. 10%
147. What activity catalogs and assigns stock numbers?
b. DLA
148. What character may you enter in CC 45 of SUP Address to indicate the remainder of SUP Address is meaningless?
b. Y
149. What is unit of issue code RA?
a. Ration
150. For a repairable what advice code is used for no turn in survey conducted?
a. 5A
151. What DOC ID is used for domestic shipment of publications?
b. A0D
152. What is DOC ID A01 used for?
b. Routine Requisition Overseas.
153. What is DOC ID AB1?
a. Direct Delivery to Requisitioner.
154. A bulkhead to bulkhead inventory may be conducted when a random sampling result has less than what accuracy percentage?
b. 90
155. An allowance change request must be submitted to what activity?
b. Type Commander
156. At what NAS are Initial Flight Jackets ordered from and record maintained?
157. The grand master key will open all except what group spaces?
c. III
158. SSIC 4000 covers what subject?
c. Logistics
159. What is the publication for the MILSTRIP desk guide.
b. NAVSUP P-409
160. What publication governs the purchase card?
c. NAVSUPINST 4200.99
161. What is the instruction number for COMNAVSURFOR Supply procedures?
162. When are financial transmittals is to be submitted?
c. 8th, 16th, 24th, and last day of the Month.
163. What report and JSF numbers are assigned to financial transmittals?
a. RPT 025/026 JSF404
164. How often are Reorder Reviews ran?
c. Daily.
165. What is SNAP report 029 & R-SUP report JSI208?
c. Reorder Review.
166. Between what date are Global Level Settings Ran?
a. 1st and 5th.
167. What Report and JSI are Global Level Settings?
b. RPT 131 JSI205.
168. What does APL Suffix CL indicate?
a. Component List.
169. What SNAP and R-SUP report number is the MOF?
a. RPT 073 JSL311
170. What is the micro purchase threshold with the purchase card for supplies?
b. $2500.
171. What is the micro purchase threshold with the purchase card for services?
b. $2000.
172. APL’S with first two digits of 88 are for what type items?
c. Valves
173. In lines of accounting the appropriation and subhead are how many digits?
b. 11
174. In the following NWCF subhead what does the X indicate 17X49112310?
175. Who manages 9Q COG material?
c. General Services Administration.
176. What is the instruction number for the NAMP?
c. CNAFINST 4790.2
177. What Chapter in the NAMP covers Material Management?
a. 09
178. What is DOC ID AP9?
c. Receipt Confirmation Of MOV Request.
179. What DOC ID is used for MOV Control Header Document?
c. AN9
180. On NAVCOMPT form 2156 what is the “A” & “B” summary?
Balance of Other and Maintenance Money.
181. What unit of issue code is used for Skid?
a. SD
182. In SFOEDL processing what is the dollar threshold DFAS can charge an OPTAR without an expenditure match without being challenged?
a. $1000.
183. What is allowance note code of “N”?
b. Maintenance Assistance Modules.
184. What is allowance note code of “1”?
c. Operating Space Items.
What Allowance Type Code is use for demand based items?
Allowance Type Code 4
What is security classification code ‘J”?
Pilferable Material.
What Project Code is used for NAVSEA SCN requisitions?
Onboard Ship what division is Food Service?
What is report 131/ JSI205?
Global Level Settings.
What is the second position of the fund code for Charter & Hire (Port Services)?
What fund is authorized for giveaway items such as coins?
Official Representation Fund (ORF)
What is the processing time MDU has on an issue group I priority 1-3 requisition?
1 Hour.
In aviation logistics what is the maximum dollar amount for pre-expended bin material
EI or PQDR shall be in stamped in bold on the 1348-1 shipment document in what size (inch) letters.
2 Inch.3 Inch.5 Inch
What is the project code for NIS/NC material for combatant ships with immediate use?
What is Standard Form 44 is used for?
Supplies, Services and Fuel.
What form or forms are used for aviation fuel at a commercial airport with DLA contract?
DD 1896 or DD1897.
What Mode of Shipment Code is used for Surface Parcel Post?
On A Shipment document If the 15th16th and 17th position of the TCN is XXX then the shipment is.
No Partial, Entire Shipment given to Carrier at one time.
TCMD Block 12 or 1348-1A CC 61-62 is used for what Fund Code?
Transportation Priority.
What SMIC Code is in Support of Level 1 or SUBSAFE Material?
What is the definition of SMIC VN?
Electrostatic Discharge- Sensitive.
What is the FSG is for RopeCable, Chains, and Fittings.,
What FSG is Fire Fighting Rescue & Safety Equipment?,
A NICN with the 5th and 6th digits of LK indicate.
Aircraft Change Kit Number.
What is SMIC X1?
Nuclear Power Plant Material.
What Form is used to requisition NON-NSN Parts?
DD 1348-6
A Domestic Requisition utilizing a DD 1348-6 uses DOC ID.
What Chapter in the NAVSUP P-485 covers Transportation?
In what Appendix of the P-485 are Document Identifiers found.
What SUADPS/ R-SUPPLY DOC ID is used for an OPTAR Adjustment?
In R-Supply under what menu would you find receipt processing?
In what sequence is Part I SEC A of the COSAL.
Equipment Nomenclature.
ASD will issue material or provide status for Issue Priority Group 2 within what time frame.
2 Hours
For PD 01-08 and RDD 555 or 777 the Transportation Priority will be
What SUADPS/R-SUPPLY DOC ID is used for Survey Adjustment?
What Allowance Type Code is for COSAL?
Cost of repairs to damaged Presentation Silver is paid from.
Ships OPTAR.
Surveys for missing or destroyed Presentation Silver must be approved by.
Missing or destroyed Presentation Silver must be reported to NAVSUP within what time frame.
48 Hours
The Fund Code S7 is for a Combatant on east coast procuring.
Medical Supplies.
In What Appendix of the P-485 do you find Status Codes.
What is Chapter 9 of the NAVSUP P-485?
Financial Management.
The CAGE Cataloging Handbook H4/H8 is published by.
What is PT 3 SEC A of the COSAL?
SNSL (Stock Number Sequence List storeroom items).
Gas bottles colored Brown are.
Oxidizing Material.
Flammable Gas Bottles are colored.
A priority designator is 01-08 & RDD is 999 you shall use TP.
Quality Deficiency Reports have how many categories?
Concerning a QDR what category covers possible death or serious injury?
A Supply Discrepancy Report/ Report of Discrepancy is what form?
SF 364
In ASD the Technical Research Unit falls under.
Supply Response Section.
In ASD what units fall under the Supply Response Section?
Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List Program (AMMRL).
Program providing data for effective management of support equipment.
What stock point are replacement Flight Jackets to be ordered from.
NAS Pensacola
What form is used for record of flight gear issue?
NAVSUP Form 29
How many days after receipt of material are you to wait before requesting a dealers invoice if not received.
No answer Options:
What is the micro purchase threshold for construction when procuring with the purchase card?
What COG is used when procuring forms?
What DOC ID is used for changing the signal code on a requisition?
Signal code “J” is ship to Supplementary Address and bill to.
Unit of issue code for Twenty-Four is.
The Mode of Shipment Code for Truck load is.
Whose Line of Accounting is used for charges during docking?
What Class of Personal Effects are miscellaneous items.
General Use Consumable List (GUCL) is in PT__SEC__ of the COSAL.
What Supply division operates retail sales?
What DOC ID is used for follow up of cancellation request by requisitioner?
What UI code is Carboy?
The instruction number for the COSAL Use and Maintenance Manual is.
Ships configuration change form is assigned what number?
A Fleet COSAL FEEDBACK REPORT NAVSUP 1371 Shall not be submitted for which of the following.
PMS deficiencies
What type of pallet should be used to elevate personnel with a forklift?
Box Pallet
Information for HAZMAT procurement
transportation, spills is found in.,NSTM chapter 593 NAVSUP P-485 HMIS
The storage container for Calcium Hypochlorite shall be marked with.
Red letters and white background.
What sections of the COSAL PT 1 are Logistics Support Status Codes found?
In what chapter of NAVICPINST 4441.170B is COSAL Maintenance.
What is the first digit used in the document number for expenditures?
Appropriation Count Material (APA) is held in what stores account #?
COSAL maintenance is the responsibility of.
Maintenance Officer
On Automated Ships the configuration data base is updated by.
Automated Shore Interface (ASI)
The first digit of an AEL identifies.
The type of equipment or system it supports
What is SPETERL?
Ships Portable Electrical/ Electronic Test Equipment Requirement List.
In the COSAL forms and Publications are found in.
Which part of the COSAL contains allowances and cross references?
PT 3
In the COSAL the Allowance Support Code consist of what three codes?
If the Source Code in the SM&R is XB the item must be obtained from.
What is Shelf Life Action Code UU?
Unsuitable for restoration to issue status.
COSAL maintenance is the responsibility of.
Maintenance Officer
On Automated Ships the configuration data base is updated by.
Automated Shore Interface (ASI)
The first digit of an AEL identifies.
The type of equipment or system it supports
What is SPETERL?
Ships Portable Electrical/ Electronic Test Equipment Requirement List.
In the COSAL forms and Publications are found in.
Which part of the COSAL contains allowances and cross references?
PT 3
In the COSAL the Allowance Support Code consist of what three codes?
If the Source Code in the SM&R is XB the item must be obtained from.
What is Shelf Life Action Code UU?
Unsuitable for restoration to issue status.
The SPETERL documents the allowances for.
General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE).
The SPETERL is in what sequence?
AEL Part number SCAT Code
What Demilitarization code is used for no DEMIL required?
What Security Classification Code is for Top Secret?
What Federal Supply Group is for furniture?
What Federal Supply Group is for lumber?
What NCB is assigned to Turkey?
What NCB is assigned to Australia?
Maintenance Assistance Modules (MAMS).
What program manages Aviation Support Equipment?
Aviation maintenance Material Readiness List (AMMRL)
How many months prior to SOH is a full equipment validation conducted?
No answer options:

12 to 15
18 to 21
What instruction is for 3M Maintenance Material Management.
Financial reports shall be maintained for.
Current and 2 prior fiscal years.
How long will Lucky Bag items valued over $25 be retained before disposing of locally.
3 Months
Defective Material summaries (DMS) are published by.
How often are Defective Material Summaries published?
In appropriation data the object code is 000 unless.
The balance affects international balance of payments.
An HM&E APL starting with 88 is for valves the next three digits indicate.
No answer options:

The size of the valve.
The type of valve.
The manufacture of the valve.
What demand code is used for a NAVSEA (OPN) funded material req.
What appendix of the NAVSUP P-485 are Routing Identifiers found?
Appendix 13 of the NAVSUP P-485 contains.
Change notice Codes.
Where in the COSAL Use & Maintenance Manual are codes & definitions found?
Appendix A
What is the Federal Supply Group for clothing?
What is NAVSUP P-4440?
Afloat Shopping Guide.
The COSAL is generated from the ship's configuration status stored in.
Weapon Systems File.
SMIC Codes are found in what appendix of the P-485.
What document identifier is used for cancellation request by CC 45-50.
What is DOC ID AK1?
Follow up on cancellation request by requisitioner.
The Mode of Shipment Code for Military Official Mail (MOM) is.
AEL numbers start with 7- support what type equipment or system.
General Purpose Test Equipment.
Newspapers and magazines will be charged to.
The Ships OPTAR.
When procuring gas cylinders what advice code will be used?,
Request for Customs Inspection is normally included in what message.
LOGREQ Message.
Transfers of material between ships of the same TYCOM are reported.
By Logistics Message.
OPTAR “B” Summary.
Monthly Transaction Report.
Service Designator “R” is for.
Pacific Fleet Operating Forces.
On MILSTRIP requisition the Media & Status Code is what CC?
Turn-in of classified material will be handled in accordance with.
SECNAV Instruction 5510.36
Document Identifier X43 is for.
Survey Adjustment.
Flammable Liquid Storeroom normally will be located.
At either end of the ship below the water line.
ACID LOCKER will be labeled in what size letters.
2 Inch.
First Character of the Project Code indicates.
Type of activity or weapon system.
The IMRL Manager is directly responsible to whom.
Maintenance Officer.
What type of fund is reimbursed in an amount equal to the expenditure?
Repair Parts Account.
Money is what classification of personal effects?
Combinations on keyless padlocks will be changed at least.
Every 6 Months.
SSIC 5000 Series is for.
General Administration.
What Mode of Shipment Code is assigned for Bearer Walk Thru?
What Purpose Code is assigned to pack up kits?
What demand codes is used for routine requisitions?
MCC code “D” is used for.
Field Level Repairables.
Beyond Capable Maintenance (BCM) code 1 is.
Repair not authorized.
What is definition of the Source Code in SM&R MOOZZ?
Manufacture at Organizational Level.
What COG is used for publications?
Chapter 6 in the NAVSUP P-485 covers.
What DOC ID is for additional billing for a DLR?