Personal Goals For Supply Chain Management

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Amazon became one of the world’s largest retailers without opening a single store and has a customer base which is close to the population of the US. The rise of e-commerce has fundamentally transformed the retail landscape of the world. As a result of which, today’s supply chains are going through a rapid change to keep up with this pace.My goal is to become a supply chain manager at one of the leading retailers in the world. Managing the process of inventory, order processing and distribution fascinates me. I want to do MBA in operations and supply chain management, to achieve the necessary skills and experience required to thrive in the field of supply chain management.

The challenge of restructuring the old supply chain models
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I collaborated with internal business partners to provide comprehensive solutions to serve customers’ needs. I plan to strengthen my current skill set and acquire new skills at Fisher, in order to excel in supply chain management. I will leverage my prior MBA, in finance, and apply the principles of finance to supply chain management.Therefore, I will have a better grasp of financial aspects such as capital structure and profitability in relation to supply chain …show more content…
In retail distribution, companies want to get the product to their customers before their competitors can. Today, Amazon has around 50 million Prime subscribers that enjoy free 2-day shipping. Amazon’s shipping speed is one of the reasons why other online retailers are not able to compete with the retail giant.I believe courses like “Supply Chain Analytics” and “Logistics Decision Making” will impart me with the knowledge necessary to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.One of the most important attributes of an effective manager is planning, which comprises drafting a plan of action, foreseeing obstructions and creating contingency buffers. Systematic organization of goals is also important to track achievements and failures. However, planning and organization between teams cannot work well without teamwork. Fisher provides an environment that fosters teamwork.At Fisher, I will inculcate the habit of team learning by means of the MBA core teams which work together throughout the semester.Fisher 's various research and business partnership centers, such as the center of operational excellence and the global supply chain forum will serve as experiential learning centers for me.

During my tour of Fisher, I noticed that the state of the art classroom organization provides a cordial atmosphere for learning and facilitates one on one student-faculty discussions. Fisher’s supply chain management program

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