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How do life roles change in adulthood?
Adulthood involves multiple roles that are increasingly complex.
In the work trajectory, getting hired, being promoted, and retirement are examples of ________.
lifecourse transitions

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which of the following is considered the first or primary human motive?

physiological needs

Which of the following are considered developmental tasks of early adulthood?

exploration of intimate relationships

Which of the following factors appears to play a more important role in the mate selection process today as partners determine their similarity?

educational attainment

Data about divorce suggest that _________________.

the probability of divorce is highest during the first years of marriage

The tempo of activity, the balance of work and leisure, and the establishment of social relationships are all components of ____________________.


The negative pole of the psychosocial crisis of early adulthood is_________________.


The central process through which intimacy is acquired is ________.

mutuality among peers

Which of the following characteristics is most strongly associated with marital disruption?

an erratic income and a high level of indebtedness

Which of the following is not considered a developmental task of later adulthood?

managing a career

The________ personality dimension is typically associated with wellbeing and high levels of life satisfaction.


Memory,reasoning, information processing, and problem-solving abilities are part of which developmental task?

promoting intellectual vigor

Vocabulary,problem solving, and short-term memory are considered examples of:

cognitive functioning.

Long-term memory is considered a:

storehouse of a lifetime of information.

There are five different styles of grandparenting. Which of the following is not one of the styles?

CEG (corporate executive grandparent)

In a longitudinal study of generations, Bengston studied three-generational families focusing on the construct of:

intergenerational solidarity.

Developing a point of view about death begins in one's:


Which of the following terms refer to the negative attitudes of others toward older adults, which may contribute to experiences of despair in later adulthood?


The prime adaptive ego quality in later adulthood (60-75 years), according to Erikson, is:


One reason it is difficult to study the development of intelligence in adulthood is that ________.

It is difficult to distinguish historical factors from developmental factors.

Finding a general relationship and applying it without having been schooled in that particular problem area is an example of ________.

fluid intelligence

Which statement about grandparenthood is most accurate?

Grandchildren are an older adult's link to the future.

In the Amish culture, following the death of a loved one, a person can expect community support for ________.

atleast one year

The prime adaptive ego quality in later life according to Erikson is ________.


Adjustment to retirement changes with time. When is the most positive period?

During the first six months.

T/F Psychosocial theory assumes that there are new opportunities for growth in later adulthood.


T/F Optimism is a personality characteristic that is linked to well being in later adulthood.


T/F Cognitive functioning in later adulthood is considered stable and unidimensional.


T/F No amount of physical exercise can effect self-esteem in later life.


T/F Among people who have become widowed, those whose marriages were very positive and vital experience the least intense bereavement and depression.


One can expect about a 25% to 30% reduction in income following retirement.


According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, which of the following is considered the fastest growing age group in the population?

85 and over

Which of the following shows the least amount of decline as one gets older?

nerve conduction velocity

Older adults who are the most likely to cope effectively with hearing loss have__________.

high self-esteem

The developmental task of traveling uncharted territory assumes that very old adults are _______________.

creating their definitions of this life stage

Which of the following life circumstance might result in the heightened importance of a sense of agency for very old women?

living alone after widowhood

If a very old person has achieved integrity as a result of the resolution of the psychosocial crisis of later adulthood, the remaining years of life are filled with the belief that________.

life makes sense

The prime adaptive ego quality of an earlier stage of development that helps a person develop a sense of immortality in very old age is ________________.


Which of the following is NOT one of the ways social support contributes to a very old adult's health and sense of well-being?

It provides a source of conflict that is intellectually stimulating.

Which of the following should the goal of providing community services to the frail elderly be?

enhance a realistic level of performance

Which of the following is NOT an example of a dying trajectory?

ambivalent decline

Which of the following is one of the goals for high quality end-of-life care according to the Hospice Education Institute?

all of these

Which of the following is NOT one of the advantages of hospice for those with a terminal illness?

It focuses on intensive treatment of the person's disease using all medical means available.

Which of the following is a condition of the Oregon Proposition for doctor-assisted suicide?

a. all of these

b. the patient requests it 2 times

c. patients have less than 6 months to live

d. there is a 15-day waiting period for the patient to change his/her mind

Which of the following statements about death-related rituals is most accurate?

American Indians cover a dead person's face with a powdery substance made of corn.

Which of the following was NOT included in Lindemann's description of grief work?

planning and conducting the funeral and mourning rituals

In the study that followed older couples from before the death of a spouse until 18 months after the death, which group showed a pattern of elevated levels of depression before the death of the spouse but lower levels of depression at 6 and 18 months after the death of the spouse?

the depressed-improved

All of the following may make bereavement more difficult for a surviving loved one EXCEPT _____.

nursing home usage for the dying person

___________ are those in which people attribute the death to an immoral, illegal, or evil cause.

Stigmatized deaths

The loss of a loved one may stimulate __________________ in the survivor.

a. all of these

b. an understanding of the value of one's own life

c. the process of life review

d. resolutions to do a better job of supporting valued relationships

Maslow's Heirarchy of needs



Love/ Belonging



Readiness to marry is influenced by

identity development

educational goals

one's personal agenda

phases in partner selection

1. original attraction

2. deeper attraction

3. barriers to break up

4. the "right one" relationship

three dimensions of conflict that are important for differentiating happy and distressed relationships

negative communication

coercive escalation


each phase of career development reflects concerns about




what is a better predictor of overall well-being?

Happiness in an intimate relationship

three themes to a long, happy marriage

strengths of the individual partner

nature of interactions

partners' commitment to nurturing the future of the relationship

greatest stressor for single mothers

lack of financial resources

Goal Adaptation requires the integration of three processes (SOC Model)




Personality characteristics linked with life satisfaction later in life



lack of neuroticism


sense of control

3 forms of memory

sensory register



postformal thought

ability to consider multiple aspects of a problem, collaboratively and with sensitivity

7 factors of retaining high levels of cognitive functioning

1. no chronic diseases

2. high SES

3. involvement in stimulating environment

4. flexible personality style

5. high cognitive functioning of spouse

6. high processing speed

7. satisfied with life accomplishments

grandparenting styles



surrogate parent

reservoir of family wisdom

distant figure

secrets to longevity

optimism, motivation to live, appropriate diet, medical attention, intense physical activity, cultural activities, healthy environment

3 components of successful aging

avoiding disease

engaged in life

maintaining high cognitive and physical funtioning

what is thanatology

field of science that addresses death and dying

What are advanced directives

living will

durable power of attorney

U.S. living will registry

bereavement men vs women

Women= intuitive

Men= Instrumental

**Factors that affect distress of survivors

Context of loss

unacknowledged or stigmatized loss

types of unacknowledged or stigmatized loss

unacknowledged mourners may be confused about the status or embarrassed by their attachment to the dead person

Stigmatized loss- attribute death to an immoral, illegal, or evil cause