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Federal officials are not all elected at the same time. Which of the following are the correct numbers to complete this sentence? Presidential elections are every ____ years, House elections are every ____ years, and Senate elections are every ____ years.

four, two, six

A law is passed limiting the free speech rights of high school students. A group of teachers brings a case before the Supreme Court challenging the law on the grounds that it violates the students' First Amendment rights. What is the Supreme Court most likely to do in this case?

refuse to hear the case because the individuals bringing the case before it do not have standing

What must the Congress do to override a presidential veto?

The House and Senate must vote by a two-thirds majority in support of the vetoed legislation.

Where do most bills that are not passed stop?

in the standing committee charged with first consideration of the bill

Federal judges can be impeached and removed from the bench for "bad behavior." How many times has this happened in United States constitutional history?

Fewer than twenty judges have been impeached, and fewer than ten have been removed from the bench.

The Framers of the Constitution intended to create a government in which

it would be difficult to act and comparatively easy to block action

How many representatives is each state allowed to have in the House?

It depends on the proportion of the state's population to the nation's population.

How many U.S. senators are up for re-election every two years?


In which of the following ways does Congress check the president in his role as commander in chief?

Congress reserves the right to declare war.

Which of the following is the most correct answer to this question: What were the Framers seeking to accomplish through the establishment of three distinct branches of government?

to prevent the accumulation of power in one office or branch by setting "ambition against ambition" in the federal government

What is significant about the Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison?

It was the first case in which the Supreme Court declared an act of Congress unconstitutional.

Why do some argue that the Supreme Court "legislates from the bench" or, in other words, actually makes law?

The Supreme Court's rulings become part of Constitutional law.

What must be true for someone to have standing before the Supreme Court?

The individual bringing the case must demonstrate "injury in fact."

Which of the following types of cases fall under the Supreme Court's jurisdiction?

questions and disputes arising under the Constitution

How easily can the voting records of congressional representatives be accessed by ordinary citizens?

Congressional voting records are considered public information and can be accessed on the Internet by anybody.

How can ordinary citizens affect the congressional process of passing or rejecting a bill?

Citizens can contact their congressional representatives in a variety of ways and express their thoughts and concerns about a bill.

What happens to a bill immediately after it is introduced in the legislative process?

It is assigned to a committee, amended in committee, debated on the floor, sent to conference committee, sent back to each house for a vote, then sent to the president.

Which of the following most accurately describes the organization and operation of the U.S. Senate?

There is no Rules Committee like there is in the House.

About how many of the cases that come before it does the Supreme Court hear?

less than 10 percent of them

If there were fifty-five states, how many United States senators would there be?


How long do Supreme Court justices serve?

for life, with good behavior

What is divided-party government?

a frequent occurrence that makes it more difficult for the president to work with the Congress