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Incomplete dominance
when there is a visual difference between homo and heterozygous. Pink flowers
Multiple Alleles
when there are more than 2 alleles. Rabbit colors.
over dominance
heterozygote is better off than either homo.

sickle cell anemia
Incomplete Penetrance
genotype is there, phenotype isnt...polydactyly
The allele is present but the phenotype varies from individual to individual

gives dogs and cats variablity
Sex-Limited Inheritance
seen only in one sex
Sex Influenced Inheritance
Gender impacts the phenotype
For example in human baldness, males will go bald with one copy of the allele, but females need two. So Baldness is dominant in males but recessive in females. (And contrary to popular belief it is not X-linked.)
Gene Dosage Effect
This is very similar to incomplete dominance but is usually seen in sex linked genes
has to do with protein levels and loss of function
One gene can mask the effects of another gene, even when alleles for phenotype are there