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Sustainable site planning...(select all that apply)

A. Pays attention to development intensity and location

B. Reduces construction costs

C. Protects natural and cultural amenities

D. Conserves natural resources and building materials

All of the above

List physical attributes that may be mapped at a site scale

A. Soils, topography, hydrology, geology, climate

B. Circulation, elevation, weather, soils

C. Soils, topography, hydrology, geology


Which of the following hazards may influence site selection?

A. Shallow bedrock

B. Hard pan soil

C. Expansive Clay Soil

D. Shallow Water Table

E. Silty Soil


An ordinal map conveys what?

A. Measurements with continuous spatial distribution

B. Divides one attribute value by another

C. Gradation or ranking of elements

D. Site attributes measured at an interval scale


Which of the following are reference maps?

A. Topography

B. Flooding Hazard

C. Bathymetry

D. Land Use Types

A, B, C

Map type that expresses information about a single, spatially distributed attribute

Thematic Map

Type of Map created to aid transportation


Base maps typically include:

A. Property Boundaries

B. Public right of ways and easements

C. Soils

D. Topography

E. Existing buildings

F. Existing Street and Utilities

G. Adjacent property owner and uses

A, B, D, E, F, G

Creates remotely sensed topographic survey, more accurate than aerial topography and takes less time than a field survey


Direction that the slope faces

Slope Aspect

Without mitigation, regional hydrology can have what impact? (Select all that apply)

A. Reduced streamflow during prolonged periods of draught

B. Increased volume and rate of run-off discharge

C. Increased frequency and severity of flooding

D. Reduced time needed for run off to reach surface water

E. Decreased filtration of surface water

A, B, C, D

Impervious soils that don't allow for waste water treatment

Hard pan soils

Areas with hydrophytes and hydric soils

Marshes, swamps, bogs

Areas without soil but with hydrophytes

Aquatic beds, seaweed covered rocky shores

Areas without soils and without hydrophytes

Gravel beaches and tidal flats

a scale that shows attribute values that do not imply rank or order

Nominal Scale

a scale that shows gradation or ranking of elements

Ordinal Scale

a scale that has attributes with continuous spatial distributions.

Interval scale

a map that expresses attribute data as discrete classes or categories.

chloropleth map

a map that displays the locations and numerical values of a single attribute.

Isopleth map

rock that originates from molton mass

igneous rock

tends to be a soft stone like travertine or sandstone; impervious soil horizon such as shale


formed from other rock materials after geologic process of pressure, heating, deviatory stress, chemical treatment, marble quartz, slate


move of sand due to wave and tidal action

littoral drift

put these soils in order from strongest to least strong: silt, gravel, hardpan, clay,massive bedrock, sedimentary rock, sand

clay, silt, sand, gravel, hardpan, sedimentary rock, massive bedrock

a summary report of the exploration of the subsurface soils and how they are to be used as construction materials. basic information in this report includes: summary of all subsurface exploration data, interpretation and analysis of subsurface data, specific engineering recommendations for design, discussion of conditions for solutions of anticipated problems, recommended geotechnical special provisions

geotechnical report

a test to determine the amount of nutrients in a soil

soil test

type of soil that drains quickly, light weight, non-expansive, erodible

sandy soil

type of soil that's a small grain size, high permeability, highly erodable

silty soil

type of soil that is slow draining or impervious, heavy weight, expansive, low erodibility, low water availability at a low moisture content

clay soil

blend of soil types, highly valuable agricultural soil, very good drainage, slight erosion potential, highly fertile, easily worked


the measure of a soil to decrease in volume under the pressure of a given weight

bearing capacity

the ability of a soil to be deformed under pressure without breaking apart

soil plasticity

minimum moisture content at which the soil will flow under its own weight

liquid limit

the ability of a soil to return to its original shape after being subjected to a load condition

soil elasticity

soils with high levels of iron appear to have ___ color, anaerobic soils can be ___ in color



the arrangement of natural and artificial physical features of an area


the study of the origin and evolution of landforms


the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts


an earth science compromising the study of soils and rocks and the processes by which they can change


Q = Cia

q- designates peak discharge measured in cubic feet per second

c- designates the rational runoff method coefficient

i- designates rainfall intensity measured in inches per hour

A- drainage area measured in acres

found in northern climates, have acidic soil, have rich deposits of organic material such as peat


the filling in of stream channels with sedminet


wind that blows from a higher elevation to a lower elevation

drainage wind

disorder related to plant tissues


the survey shows improvements, easements, rights-of-way and other elements impacting land ownership


organic matter in a recognizable form, including leaves and partially decomposed matter

o horizon

heavy, non-recognizable organic matter mixed with minerals

a horizon

nutrients left by rain water leeching, hardpans & clay pans develop here

b horizon

partially weathered rock fragments

c horizon


d horizon

types of alkali soil

halophytic, xerophytic

acidic soil

hydric soil


NPK, calcium, magnesium, sulphur

neutralize acidic soil with __, ___

lime, calcium nitrate

neutralize alkaline soil with ___, ___, ___

sulfur, gypsum, lime sulfer

samples are taken along a baseline, points can be selected with a grid


commonly employed in land-use surveys; rapid assessment of site

windshield survey

most productive and diverse ecosystem

salt marsh

a body of permeable rock that can contain or transmit groundwater


soil that is blue in color and anarobic

hydric soil

how large is a township?

36 square miles that are divided up into sections

USGS quandrangle maps typically show things except

type of land use, demographic information

____ slopes are hottest in the summer


___slopes receive the most sun in the winter months


___ slopes offer the most desirable microclimates


___ slopes receive cold winter winds


soil that has a wide range and even distribution of soil particle sizes, in which the small soil particles fill the voids created by the larger grains

well graded

soils that contain various particle sizes, in which gradation between particle sizes is broken by the absence of some particle sizes

gap graded

soil consists of a single range of particle sizes

uniformly graded soil

defined as soils that are easily broken apart by hand

friable soils

slope inventory and analysis maps generally adhere to which of the following conventions

light values = higher elevations, dark values = lower elevations

which parking stall configuration requires the narrowest drive aisle

45 degrees

the maximum cross-slope of an ADA accessible walkway


what is added to soil to aid in water retention? and also increases soil acidity?

peat moss

what is added to soil to improve drainage?


site distance studies are used to determine?

location of vehicular access points